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  1. The cuter they are, the better they taste.
  2. The tomato makes it all soggy. And why would you want to run the risk of anything being remotely healthy on your burger?
  3. But the baconator is like taking the sum of a series of junior bacons! I said it in another thread; the closest any of us will ever come to having sex with two dead animals at once.
  4. After enough scotch, anything can happen.
  5. I am overly fond of the baconator. But three lesser bacon burgers? For less? Don't I feel quite the fool.
  6. doesn't understand the risk of testicular torsion while undergoing athletic activity.
  7. Okay, let me put this for you quite simply: Alaska > Texas That's all there is to it.
  8. Doesn't realize that "girl friday" existed before scrubs.
  9. I'm watching this show again. Some bitch came on, won $5000 dollars because her "classmates" got three answers correct, and then didn't know that Alaska was larger than Texas. Jesus fucking christ. Americans' ignorance of the world around them is only outdone by their ignorance of themselves.
  10. Better keep that kind of talk down around his new squeeze.
  11. Is just saying that to get into my pants.
  12. I've seen similarly massive-sized and produced Airsoft videos. Only about 10,000 x more lame.
  13. Would have been able to come up with a better joke if he knew calculus.
  14. Ought to consider donating her body to science before she dies.
  15. Supercow! Milks faster than a speeding bullet.
  16. This seems like a relevant time to plug Wendy's Baconator. It is the closest that any of us will, and should, ever come to having sex with two dead animals at once. It is just that awesome. But holy hell is it fattening.
  17. You guys might be interested to know that it's often the big farms who have the best technology that gives farm animals a higher quality of life. Also, fast deaths. Can't disagree with those. ELECTROCUTION TO THE ANUS.
  18. ecnarf

    Top Five...

    Dude. Nestle water has a taste to it that makes me think it's been contaminated ever so slightly by the chocolate nestle is good at making.
  19. If it didn't have a french name it would be in a butcher's shop next to the head cheese.
  20. The O looks like a monotesticular penis.
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