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  1. you should just gain some weight and wear it, you skinny bastard.
  2. i like the color. why are you getting rid of it?
  3. i've never even heard of that. how do you have time to write a manuscript? seems like you'd be really tired after all that ass you're constantly fighting off because you're so desirable you can't go out in public without panties droppin, the wooing of the lady, your amazing job, your memories of the ghetto, all that sucking up you do around here... i mean i got tired just typing that shit.
  4. i was gonna ask what the point in getting a brown m+m on brown skin was, but i guess you about covered that. thanks for being on my wavelength!
  5. you hardly ever make me laugh... but this time, you did. keep up the good work!
  6. sometimes i like reading kids books anyway, so that wouldn't be a deterrent. i read the secret garden awhile back because i'd had it my whole life and never read it. plus, bunnies are ADORABLE.
  7. hey, so how is that? i have it, because i bought it for like a quarter at a thrift store and it's a classic or whatever so i thought i should read it, but i never have.
  8. hahahaaaaaaaaa, awww. it's like the mothership calling you home here in this thread for your queer little gamer nerd buddies! did you xbox friend hyphnip? R O T F L ! ps i like galaga, i have it on a little joystick thingy that plugs into the tv and is battery operated and it's fucking RAD.
  9. awww, dang, now i ain't never gonna get that purple bass i axed geoff to build me. ;)
  10. man, this is fucked up. i wish i had some liquor so i could take a shot for the guy.
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