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  1. hey mrs good... can you send me those songs TOO?!
  2. None of the pictures work....
  3. I don't think his voice is sexy...
  4. Who thinks that they should have asked more decisive questions during Matt's interview?
  5. pick one, pick one.. thank you
  6. I don't know what to say. I guess.... thanks for what you did so far. And, I don't know that this is necessarily good for anyone, but if anyone then it's good for you, Matthew. There's not much else to tell is there. I just hope this is a testament to all the fans out there who were just as delusional as I was thinking that people were somewhat inclined towards civility and sensability. People are sick fucks. Every day we kill, hurt, hate, rape, steal from, and destroy other people completely. Personally I think this is one of those instances, and I certainly don't think that "thanks for what you did" is near enough considering the gravity of this situation. You have been driven to the give up your right to free speech. You have been pushed off the cliff of "democracy" by those who share the same unsure footholds as yourself. This is sad, but I want you, you Matthew Good, to know something. All is certainly not lost to that dark chasm. There are those who struggled to hold on, those who helped hold you were you stood, and those who were held up by you. There are those who would willingly do what you were forced to do, for you. I say leave without bitterness. Leave knowing that for every good natured and intelligent person out there, there will be ten-fold who are malicious and evil. But know that those who stood behind you still do. No-one should ever forget this day, and no-one should ever say that the silencing of an intelligent and powerful voice was good for anyone. This is indeed a dark perhaps one of the darkest of days, but light will come eventually. I hope everyone took to heart the words of this this enigmatic and influencial young man, and I hope no-one will forget those words. Don't leave us out of your memory Matt, but never be burdened with this, and never stop playing music for those of us who get it. Sincerely, thank you.
  7. She's his WIFE... kind of taken... not that I don't think she's pretty but... STILL SHE'S HIS WIFE!
  8. Simple... What is the best MG album? This can include anything that Matt was involved in... so don't worry about putting MGB albums... Beautiful Midnight because I thought it had the most feeling of a journey through the entire album... Put a short reason as well... just to spice it up a bit: SPICAAAAAY
  9. So everyone... I'd like to do one of those NEVER ENDING THREADS that pose a question everyone can and wants to answer: Here it is: What song by Matt has the most meaningful lyrics to you? Thanks a lot Maggio BTW for me it's All Together
  10. Man oh man, The video I wanna get my hands on is Anti-pop... I LOVE that gnome...
  11. Favourite bands: Matt Good Five for Fighting Led Zeppelin Jeff Buckley Interpol Radiohead Tragically Hip Jimmy Eat World Dave Matthews Band Ben Harper Bob Marley Some others obviously...
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