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  1. I already got the new CD. A bit different (in their sound, I mean), but the Smashing Pumpkins' essence is still there. My favorite song so far:
  2. What was expected... in such a weird and painful year (at least for some of us...). Hope you are all safe, and also your families.
  3. Wow, I had never seen this before! Thanks for sharing it.
  4. I have already listened to the 15 songs once. The word that comes to my mind to define this new album is "intimate". Some songs have already filled me up with one listening (One of them years, for example, which is my favorite song so far; Sicily; Boobytrapped, another of my favorite ones or Selling you my heart). It's true that I expected something different for the new songs. I miss the guitars as in the previous MG's works (very much, actually). That is why, I guess, some of them have not filled me up yet. I should give it a second/third listening to really appreciate some of the songs included in the album. Best, Juanpe
  5. I haven't received my physical copy yet, but I am SO glad that the whole album can be heard in the MG official YouTube channel... Listening to it all the time... so so SO good!!! I can't stop listening to One of them years... In love with it!
  6. One more day... can't wait! ?
  7. 15 wonderful songs (I'm sure) waiting to be released! ? Can't wait!!! Thanks for the info.
  8. Such a beautiful song. So intimate. So sweet. I just love it. Way too short, I agree. I would have loved it to last it longer.
  9. Nice video and very nice song!
  10. Dear all, dear Rhu8ar8Pi3, I apologize if this message is not appropriate in this section of the forum, but I would like –if the administrators let me– to STRONGLY THANK this member from this wonderful group (Rhu8ar8Pi3) for all the gifts I have just received today related to our adored MG. This means a lot to me. For me it is very difficult to see MG live, to even talk to him or simply saying that "I am a great Spanish fan" of him, living so far away from Canada. For that reason, receiving these gifts makes me very, very happy, closer to MG and very thankful. I just wanted to publicly thank Rhu8ar8Pi3 for her kindness and generosity sharing all these things with me. Thanks a lot, honest. I feel very proud of being a member of this group and be in touch with such nice and generous people here Big hugs from Spain, Juanpe
  11. Do you guys have any information about when the new album would be out?
  12. Just heard it. It sounds weird to me to hear him singing in French ? Nice song!
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