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  1. he also played Hello Timebomb and Suburbia
  2. Oh really Samscartboy? Would you possibly becoming from Watertown ;) because im coming from albany
  3. I will also be attending the Kington show
  4. Has anyone ever seen this? http://www.mattpondpa.com/photos/790839510.jpg look alittle familiar? ;)
  5. Is it me or is Johnny Cash singing on Hello Time Bomb?
  6. I was hoping it was by Albany rather than Buffalo but who knows hoefully more USA dates will be announced ;)
  7. Has anyone ever noticed the similarities between 4 Minute Mile and Ex-Pats. I think its the same drums and the chord progression might be the same. Or maybe the guitar on 4 Minute Mile is the same from Ex-Pats? Did anyone else notcie that?
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