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  1. I've been seeing Matt tour since 1998. Have probably seen him play 20 times. My favourite shows are still the WLRRR shows, but damn.. this came pretty close. Hearing BM from top to bottom brought me back to a time in my life, and hearing so many of those songs for the first time live.... incredible. I was mostly disappointed with the last couple of tours. Seemed to be phoning it in. Short sets, minimal crowd interaction. But you can tell now Matt's really enjoying himself again, like on the acoustic tours.. he's just having a blast. I think revisiting a lot of the older material and seeing the crowds reaction song after song has been invigorating. BM just flows so perfectly start to finish. Really grateful to have to seen it live fully... never thought I would. Now if only he'd do Underdogs... or Audio of Being *drool*
  2. My biggest beef over the last few albums has been the over reliance on drum machine backed songs. I know Matt gets an actual drummer to do the parts in studio, but since its just him and a guitar when he does the demos -- he uses Garage band for the drum parts and on the recording they just come across as an after-thought. Many of the songs would be better off acoustic, which is why his live acoustic performances are so popular. Just Matt and a guitar is INCREDIBLE. In a lot of the recordings the drums just sound so manufactured. If you listen to the older albums (non MGB), even with Pat on the drum parts added so much more to the songs, rather than just the same old beat he uses over and over again now.
  3. I can't but feel that these set lists could be longer and more diverse, and I think most others feel the same. With 16-17 songs per night I can't help but think the longer sets of the old days are a thing of the past, which is sad (think Live at Massey Hall.. which had 20 songs). I know Matt addressed these recent complaints on Facebook (which i think is now deleted) but I recall he said that the set list is basically set according to ticket price. Sure he could do longer sets but he'd essentially have to charge more. There's also the complex matter of training his new bands on back catalogue material which takes time and is expensive, but I'm sure if he polled the majority of the MG community most would NOT complain about higher ticket prices if it meant longer set lists and more material. At this point in his career, Matt SHOULD charge more and can justify it. I can't help but look at Pearl Jam's recent setlists and think about how much incredible value and diversity they give to their fans in their shows. The sets are diverse, long, have a mix of old and new, and completely over deliver. Sure people are always left wanting more, but at least they are left satisfied. The last few MG shows I've been to I can't help but feel short-changed. Unfortunately I've come to expect no more than the bare minimum from Matt these days. IMO I don't see a point in posting set lists unless there's going to be some diversity in them -- that's the whole fun of looking at set lists from city to city -- to see which songs got played in your city and which didn't in others. I've probably seen Matt play close to 20 times since 1998. With his back catalogue he could easily throw in a few more songs without breaking a sweat. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff he's doing with fan engagement online these days and I think the Live recordings are a great idea -- but I think the emphasis should on blowing people away in the live shows. That's the stuff that keeps people coming back.
  4. This is a really stellar album. After a few listens I think it's my favourite since WLRRR. The raw guitar sound brings it back to basics making it a true rock record. This one will play out well live and I imagine Matt will have fun with it much like he did on the WLRRR Tour (by far the most energetic on stage since the MGB days). Glad to see Matt relying less on drum machine parts. IMO the same intro-leading-into-a-steady-drum-beat thing really bothered me about the last few albums. It all just seemed like it could have used a real drummers' finesse vs. something created in Garage band then recorded by a session drummer in the studio.
  5. Got my Massey Hall tickets, debating whether to see the St. Catharines show. The Ontario shows don't seem to be part of the official tour but Gentlemen Husbands are the opening band. Will wait to see what the setlist looks like from the Bala show coming up.
  6. Just got an email from Live Nation about a Niagara Falls show and then I found this: http://matthewgood.org/tour-dates/ HUGE cross Canada tour and a sizeable one in the U.S. too!
  7. I thought it was one of the most high energy MG shows I've seen in a long time, probably not since the 2004 WLRRR Tour. For those you who went to those shows back in the day you'll know what I'm talking about. You could tell he was really amped up and in Rock 'n Roll mode, probably from the more rock inspired work they are doing on the current record they are working on. I also think his new guitarist (his name escapes me, but he reminds me of Jack Black) really sets a great mood and I think he helps Matt up his stage presence, cause Matt can get a little subdued sometimes. Even Milos looked liked he was a bit more into it than usual. The punch after punch of his more known rock classics was obviously best suited to this type of crowd of drunken football fans. But it was great to see that Matt can still maintain steady high energy throughout a show which I think is a good sign of things to come on the next tour which I imagine will be this sort of high octane rock show to coincide with the energy of the new record. I also thought the live version of Zero Orchestra DESTROYS the album version, which I never liked, but i was highly impressed with it live. Great to hear Champions of Nothing again which I haven't seen since Live at Massey Hall, but it was a strange choice as a set-finisher given the high energy set.
  8. These are the kind of lengthy setlists Matt used to play in the older days. He just seems to be able to have more stamina to play acoustic shows. Sorry to say guys.. but his shows in recent years are NOTHING compared to the shows of 1998-2004. The only exception perhaps was Live at Massey Hall in '07 because it was produced to be a live recording.
  9. I love the look, very Web 2.0-like. Dale has insane talent. Its about time MG.org got a facelift... I Can't wait to see what content the site brings.
  10. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/matthew-good...a-3bd4ac98.html Chip in to the site and add any missing set lists from the past!
  11. Good single, nice hook, overall one of the best tracks on the album
  12. obligatory post to raise MG virtual currency
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