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  1. oneeighty: Exactly, have to start somewhere. It would just be a matter of pulling the set lists from the threads and compiling them into list. I like the format from http://mattgood.imgarbage.com/tour.php. That site however only has pre-2005 shows.
  2. LOTGA - Every Name is My Name Raygun - Generation X-Wing Underdogs - Deep Six Lofi - Fated BM - Suburbia LA - Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance AOB - Workers sing a song of Mass Production Avalanche - Weapon WLRRR - Alert Status Red In a Coma - Oh Be Joyful Hospital Music - A Single Explosion Vancouver - Us Remains Impossible
  3. Did anyone record this and if so, can you post a link?
  4. I really like what Pearl Jam has done with their tour history, and listing every show and set list since 1990. http://pearljam.com/tour Has anybody seen or have anything like this for Matt Good? I think it would be a great thing for fans to go back and look at set lists from past concerts tours. I can't seem to find any tour history for MG on the net. How about implementing something like that for NF?
  5. An interesting read, pre-break up. It goes into Loser Anthems in detail and his liking of Christian in Copyright before he got him to join his solo band. http://www.chartattack.com/features/1443/m...ser-discussions
  6. Does anyone have an extra pair of tickets they would be willing to part with? I unfortunately missed the sale yesterday morning and the show is now sold out. Please email me at spydereye@hotmail.com.
  7. I screwed up the dates they were going on sale, (Goddamn work is stressful, messing with my brain functions). I've seen MG 6 times and i'd deem it a disgrace if I missed out on this show.. If anyone has an extra pair they could kindly let go of and generously sell to me I would forever be in your debt. Please email me spydereye@hotmail.com.
  8. I've seen every crew live, including the original lineup with Geoff Lloyd (and I'm not even that old, just a long time MG fan.) And I've never pondered this question before, because I've always just seen them (and Matt) as progessing musically and personally. But if I had to pick when I thought they were at their best, it would have to be the MG live crew - only because of their magnetic stage presence, and these days Matt actually looks like he's having fun.
  9. Flashdance II Rat Who Would Be King Tripoli If Birds Don't Fly Straight Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance Man From Harold Wood The Fine Art of Falling Apart A Better Pain Can't Explain
  10. I find its refreshing to find a musician who actually devotes his time and money to a worthwhile cause in parallel to bringing music to the masses. Matt's devotion to Amnesty and geo-politics does us all a huge favour. You don't have to read every single article he posts or link he provides, but reading the odd article I guarantee you'll become more open-minded and, likely, more intellectual and well-rounded because of it. Its fantastic that, with his music and fan following he can bring attention to issues that are relevant and that directly or indirectly affect our daily lives. I applaud Matt for motivating and engaging people to think about the world around them, instead of being passive and sheltered. So many great bands have done it successfully, think Rage Against the Machine (who were by far the most politically involved band I've ever seen). Everyone knows Matt's a smart guy, by listening to him the worst thing that could happen is that it just might open your eyes to the world around you. The fusion of music, politics and world issues has always played a big role in the success (or notoriety) of many successful musicians. I guess if you don't like it (or don't care), theres always Simple Plan and Limp Bizkit.
  11. Toronto is only about 3 hours drive from Ottawa. Make a road trip out of it, and come take in this fine city for a weekend while your at it. ;)
  12. That torrent kicks ass. I've been getting an average of 100kbps and I'll continue to seed after its done. Good job on the torrent!! Keep the MG spirit alive. Did anyone see that torrent called 'Complete works of Matthew Good'? Holy shit, what a mess. Some of the songs are even in wma format!
  13. I was there before I moved to Toronto, it was at Regina's annual Buffalo Days in the summer of 2000 and probably at the height of MGB's popularity. There was a rowdy drunk crowd of probably 10,000+ and it was a completely FREE show. Meaning, a few fans but mostly drunk kids with nothing better to do with their time. About 3/4 ways through the set someone pelted Matt in the mouth with a shoe. He finished the song and walked off, no one noticed the shoe pelting so we thought it was time for the encore. Some time goes by then Dave comes out - and I'll never forget this - and I'm paraphrasing here, "This is a message for all your prairie folk... throwing a shoe at the singer won't get you an encore" or something to that degree. Anyway, he finished lecturing the crowd and that was it. As I walked away from the venue I had to endure 20 minutes of "FUCK MG! FUCK MG!" over and over again. Anyway, I knew that was likely the last time I'd see them in Regina or anywhere near. I don't think he even returned to Regina until the 2004 WLRRR tour.
  14. Here's the original setlist, scanned. It has the correct order of songs played...
  15. Toronto's New Rock radio station.. the thursday 30 list is updated weekly. Cheers. http://www.edge.ca/thursday30/ UPDATE: Opening band starts at 9 and Matt will be on at 9:30 (so I'm told)
  16. Anyone know what the set time is? Doors are at 7, thats all I know.
  17. raygunner

    Set List

    Where is this UBC link?
  18. raygunner


    Dave Grohl... beat that. Yeeaaah.
  19. Agreed. Your blatant arrogance and negative attitude towards others is exactly the reason Matt Good has boycotted the internet. Remember, this isn't a service that NF is providing you. You aren't paying for anything and therefore, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to bitch about it (call it what you want, obversation, comment, insightful theory... you're still BITCHING). Sitting smugly behind the safety of your computer does not give you free reign to denigrate other peoples efforts. Crusador and Matt Good are doing us a favor by taking time out of their day to do something that fans will enjoy and (hopefully) appreciate. It would likely be much easier for the both of them to sit on their asses and do nothing. If they want to wait until March 13 that their perogative- I for one think very much worth the wait for an insightful 40 question interview. That being said, you might also want to stray away from speaking for others, because - despite what your arrogant little mind might be telling you - we don't share your sentiments about "Q&As featuring retarded questions". Wait, I keep forgetting that you said you don't care. So what the hell are you doing here? Before you go on your usual smartly cynical worded rebuttal do us all a favour and tell us why your even still posting here if none of this should even concern you in the first place.
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