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  1. Random question, do you guys think the setlists for the US dates will be more "mainstream", given that his fanbase is not as large as it is in Canada? I'd consider doing a roady to NY but wouldn't really want to do it if I'm just going to hear HTM, LMU, Automatic, etc for like the 6th time..
  2. Haha wow, I can't believe you guys think empty's is overrated! It's probably my favourite from vancouver and I consider it one of his more epic songs. But speaking of vancouver, I skip Vancouver National Anthem every time - it just doesn't do it for me. Glad he didn't play it at the show I went to. And surprised no one has mentioned these yet but.. Hello Time Bomb and Load me Up, blahhh wouldn't mind if I never heard those again - Although I guess those two are just a given as being overrated..
  3. umdesch4, thanks alot for all of these clips! I was lucky enough to be at the show in kitch, so it's great re-living some of the concert as people have been saying it's one of the more epic performances on the tour so far ;)
  4. See, I thought he talked quite a bit at that show. I think he even wrote on the blog that he thought he talked alot. Either way, it was a great show, we're lucky we saw that one as it looks like people here are agreeing it has been one of the best so far (judging by the videos).
  5. Agreed. He opened the encore in kitchener last night with these 2, they sounded great
  6. Yes, Inescapable us.. amazing song, way underrated
  7. Yeah, before he played it, he said they were going to try an "experiment", because the last time he played it live was 2001.. It was awesome, really intense!
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