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  1. Ah, I lost that CD awhile ago..... :( I'll have to buy it again. Thanks Anton !
  2. Hey, anyone remember the animated video to While We Were Hunting Rabbits? I can't find it anywhere.
  3. "Don't fuck the princess, do the maid."
  4. Nothing ever really turns out the way we expect it to. We can plan beyond our present future but in the long run, we don’t have really a lot control of what happens for the most part in the far future. There are many things that intercept what our plans and ideas on how our future will turn out. It has been something I’ve struggled with for much of my life because I am a forward thinker, someone who likes to plan for everything. It got to the point where I was causing myself so much anxiety because I would try to find every possible outcome or every possible issue that might prevent the future turning out the way I would like it. It doesn’t change anything and it didn’t change anything, things just turned out the way they did. That isn’t to say that I didn’t have some control of what my life has turned out to be and not all of it was what I had ever expected. But the thing is, success isn’t a straight line, there isn’t an A to B linear relationship between where we are in life and where we are going. If some people make their lives out to be like that they are either really lucky or just lying. I still struggle with just accepting my life on a week to week basis because realistically, it’s only what can be truly planned for to turn out the way you expect it. Months ahead, years ahead, it’ll all be completely different from what you expected or wanted. Unless you made some serious sacrifices and you are incredibly dedicated to those goal regardless of what else comes up, friends, family, other opportunities and so on. But most people are not that selfish to put all of their life goals ahead of what's really important in life. For the most part we put time into three categories, the past, the present and the future. If we live in the past we are often full of guilt or shame and a whole lot of what ifs. If we live in the future, we are filled full of anxiety and or excitement for things that may or may not happen. When we do this we set ourselves up to either do nothing at all because we are afraid or for disappointment because we expected something else. When we live in the present we live in that moment, that particular space in time where our options are endless in what we can do. Of course it could be something that might be beneficial to an idea you have in mind about your future, but again, accepting that what you are doing in the present may affect your future but your future won’t always turn out the way you expect it to. You’re human, you cannot predict the future or have true control over it. I don’t know if any of that makes sense at all but in my case I thought when I went into college at the age of 19 that my life would result in a full time job in environmental sciences. Kind of funny to think of that now right? I graduated in 2008 around the same time the world was falling apart, something I had no control over. Ultimately I ended up moving around a lot from job to job, working in factories and getting paid a really poor wage. None of it turned out the way I expected it to but as I sit here today, I wouldn’t change the majority of my past if I could. Reason being, it provided me with a better outlook and mindset to take the good with the bad. It helped me appreciate what I’ve had and what I have now. At this time I was also in a relationship with a man I met in college who was the same age as me. Of course I had the idea that we’d get married and I’d have 3 healthy children. Turns out I didn’t want to be with him anymore after 5 years because he was an abusive piece of shit. I do regret staying with him for as long as I have and my family often brushes it up in my face for “wasting time with such a dick hole.” But again, if I hadn’t been with this man, as weird as this sounds, I wouldn’t have met my fiancé. My fiancé is my ex’s teachers assistant from university. I would have never moved to Nova Scotia if my ex didn’t get into university. Of course my first year out there was absolute hell, I became unemployed in a matter of months, treated like shit by my employer and eventually drank myself stupid every single day. This was probably the lowest point in my life because I wasn’t expecting my life to be the way it was. But the thing is, you do have current control of how your life will somewhat turn out, you just need to pick a direction and try to follow it as best as you can with what knowledge you have now. Kind of like if you were holding a compass full of all of your knowledge and experience, the greater the amount, the better your compass will guide you through the dark to your destination. You know what a good decision for you is and what a bad decision is, drinking myself stupid everyday was a bad decision for me. It took a lot to pull myself out of that rut, pick up my "compass" and move on. We're all aware of how our present choices might affect our future but none of us can really predict what will really happen in the long run.
  5. I'm liking this trend of TJs and FJs.
  6. Because of the mountains and altitude I guess. Woo I'm moving there, that's random. How do you avoid being abducted by grey aliens?
  7. The video was eh, and the song doesn't really make me want to buy the cd. But I take it as him exploring other music forms and it's kind of poetic/rap like to me. If this is meant to be a representation of the cd I can't say I will like it that much but I will probably buy it and give it a try anyway since I do respect his work buttttt the song and video is not my cup of tea.
  8. So why isn't this album available in Canada? I know its mostly for international reasons but I still think fans would buy it regardless. At least the die hard ones. Just seems like a whole lot of work to have to get it from the USA.
  9. When I have the moola or I get offered to costco with my dad then he usually gets me chicken and beef. Why do we think material and objects will help us bring long term happiness? Hard one folks.
  10. Steven Harper. I'd make sure to shit multiple times after a night of drinking, on the driveway, before it snowed. Did I just type that?
  11. Depends on the situation. I think there are some acceptable situations to take a human life, while this one, in particular, is not acceptable in the case of the taking the life of children. For example, let’s say they did eventually happen to arm teachers then would it be acceptable for them to protect their students by killing the perpetrator? If the benefit outweighs the loss then I would say it is acceptable to kill a human being but in a way that produes the least amount of suffering. However, I don't really hold human life above other forms of life for the most part because I don't think a human should be regarded as more valuable to the planet than another living intelligent being. Although intelligence is relative to what each of us assumes as intelligence. It's difficult to define through other species because we see intelligence as academic in nature, things which are specifically man made articulations of how we percieve life. Anyway. kind of off topic I guess but I had to explain my thought rather then just saying that it is or isn't acceptable.
  12. What has made you decide on this as a possibility? Interesting. Also yeah not sure if this is funny but more so concerning haha. I lie to people when I am traveling now because I was stalked by this man who was on the same train I was when I went from Toronto to Vancouver in 2009. He changed his destination from Edmonton to Courtnay BC as soon as he discovered that I was going there. So I didn’t tell HIM directly he was listening to me talk to someone else who I thought was trustworthy enough to discuss this with (you never know whos listening when you speak in public). He ended up getting the guy that was sitting beside him to hound me about the exact hostel I was staying in. That’s when I started to lie because it was completely messed up. So I told the staff about the man and they questioned him while he completely denied all of this. Other people were also annoyed with this man because he was overly agressive at random during conversations. They allowed me to move my seat to the back of the caboose and eventually moved me into a private room where I spent 2 nights where I didn’t leave, and rationed a couple of granola bars I brought along. I was 22 at the time and it was my first time travelling alone so as you can imagine my anxiety about the whole situation. Unfortunately the staff changed and I spent half of my trip discussing the issue with an middle eastern man who doubted my story. Or he didn't care because he came from a country where worse things happened. Anyway when I got off at Pacific Central station I saw this guy yet again and heard him talking to VIA rail staff about how to GET to Courtenay/Comox. I didn’t get on the ferry at the same time and sat in the station for 8 hours to take the next one. I never saw the guy but it was enough to freak me out enough to never trust people about my traveling information unless I am with other people. Who knows what would have happened if I didn’t say something to the staff and have them confront him about it and take his name down. Maybe I would have come in contact with him later on. So never doubt your instinct when it comes to your safety while traveling.
  13. So how do I find out what voltage they are set at? Both are the same brand etc.
  14. I forget what you said so I dunno what to say but Crusader is our dictator and we are his minions. He pays the bills and we get the food and water in the form of words. So I guess you lost your din din. Also I'm just talking nonsense. You have more than twice the amount of posts I do so . well done sir. Also there were a couple years here and there that I didn't really say much here except maybe snoop around a bit.
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