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  1. ive got christmas, 2 birthdays and a going away present plus a copy for myself. so im going to be buying alot...itl just be hard to give away!
  2. god he punched him and according to his lawyer thats what broke his neck which is bullshit but then moore is a girlie man. I heard his lawyer talk on sportsnet in an interview stating that bertuzzi tried to punch him a 2nd time and "God only knows what great injury would have happend if he actually connected with that punch, but all thanks to moores teamate nikolishian that didn't happen." Im watching the reply now and once again according to moores lawyer tuzzi had intended on causing serious injury. im not todd bertuzzi but in all common sense you dont just try to break someones neck. bottom line tuzzi didnt mean to hurt him like that and served his penalty.
  3. society and the pressure that kids put on eachother today. politics are long lost. mind if i come in?
  4. glad to have tuzzi back! go nucks!
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