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  1. i would have to say im quite disappointed with this album. i wasnt expecting a whole lot as i wasnt a big fan of hospital music. it would have made an amazing ep, but as a whole album its pretty weak. having said that i expected a few songs to be something special, however there is not a single thing stands out as inspiring or original. it seems to me he has just become really content with being predictable and boring.
  2. i like the record. some really good songs on there. more diverse than the rising i would say
  3. i think the new record is brilliant. seems to be more crafted than the last 2. the last song blows my face off, it really is a masterpiece. i love all of the records, but the others seem like the majority of the songs were born out of jams. which is cool to but its nice to hear something different. im highly looking forward to seeing them on wednesday.
  4. wow, i didnt even know david usher was still around.. let alone that people actually liked him.
  5. in the last 3 weeks, blue rodeo- little miracles foo fighters- Echoes, silence, patience & grace weakerthans- reunion tour bruce springsteen- magic wintersleep- welcome to the night sky steve earl- (whatever the new one is called) tom waits- rain dogs tom waits- franks wild party
  6. derek.

    New Mg Tour

    the new tour sounds alot like am, c, em and g. there you go kids, secrets out. go make your own fun.
  7. derek.

    Winnipeg Show

    im i the only one that thought the show was increadably boring?
  8. i cant say that ive ever been a fan of metal airplanes. the line "im like the cubs against the soxs" pisses me off to no end. so bunk. other than that its another great record from matt. dont know if i would say better than avalanche as thats one of my favorite records of all time, but very good indeed.
  9. theres a video on matthewgood.org of matt playing josh ritters "girl in the war" in his appartment. sounds great.
  10. i was pleasently suprised to see how well most of the songs held up acoustically. nice
  11. crash test dummies - mmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm powerfull lyrics that never fail to resonate deep within my soul
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