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  1. The album's growing on me like crazy. Every song has it's moments, in my opinion. And at first I thought the order of the tracks was way off, but after a few listens, I think it's perfect. "True Love..." at the end is awesome. It really is a very sad and emotional album. I'm liking it a lot.
  2. I don't understand how people can't like "Metal Airplanes." It's probably one of my favorites.
  3. I'm pretty sure we were all expecting this to happen at some point or another, but he's releasing a solo EP on November 15. You can listen to a couple of songs on his myspace. They're actually not too bad.
  4. Two of my favorite lines, besides the obvious one: "Sporks?" "Turn This Bitch Mother Fucking Left!"
  5. Honestly, I'm selfish when it comes to music. I am perfectly fine with being the only person that I know who listens to Matthew Good.
  6. Just saw it, and let me just say that it is everything I expected. They tried to include a bit too much intentional humor in it, but you overlook that and laugh at all of the ridiculously cheesey parts. Like Samuel L. Jackson deciding to shoot a snake with a harpoon instead of using the knife, gun, or flamethrower. There are plenty of scenarios in the movie that are similar in the fact that you will laugh out loud at how absurd it is. Overall, the enjoyment I had from going there was well worth the price of the ticket.
  7. I think HIPT shows some promise though. There is some creativity on that album, it's just not quite what I was expecting to be coming from OLP. But I think Will The Future Blame Us and Angels Losing Sleep are both great songs that showcase the band's talent. I expect their next cd to be right up there with some of their older stuff if they stick with the style that some of their newer songs have. But who knows. I wouldn't really be surprised if they called it quits either.
  8. If you need someone to blame, it's definitely Bob Rock. And that's that.
  9. When it comes to Our Lady Peace, they were better when they had Mike Turner, however, I think Gravity would have happened regardless of whether Mike was with them or not. You can listen to Spiritual Machines and hear the pop-rock really start to develop, granted even the poppier songs on that album were very good because of complexity of them and the production. It wasn't Mike Turner that made them good, in my mind. Lanni allowed them to be a bit more adventurous, Rock made them dumb their stuff down (which is completely true, as Raine has said so in interviews). I also still really like OLP, though. Gravity was pretty weak, but I'm liking their new cd a lot. If Raine produces the next album, I think it'll end up being a great cd.
  10. Not completely related, but in the rooms version of Hello Time Bomb, at the point when Matt says "We'll see if I'm emperor," he adds "or a clown." At least, that's what it sounds like to me.
  11. I understand completely how you feel. It is a little tough seeing an artist that made incredible tracks, which some may refer to as epics, like Avalanche and Rabbits, go to a very stripped down and mellowed style. However, take a look at the man's history and it seems pretty clear to me that he probably won't remain a folk-artist for the rest of his career. Every album seems to have a pretty drastic change in performance and even genre. So I think it will be interesting to see what he does with the new songs that he's currently playing. I mean, who knows if they will be acoustic when they get released from a studio version. He may take a full band back to record these songs. That's even if these songs are going to be on the next album. So I think we shouldn't worry about his musical direction before he has any plans for a new album yet. The possibilities of what it will be like are endless.
  12. Just got back from this movie. Kinda crappy, kinda funny, could've been better.
  13. Steal This Album! is my favorite. A big fan of every album though, with the exclusion of the self-titled. Toxicity is a close second, but "Streamline" is incredible and "Ariels" sucks, therefore, STA takes it.
  14. I really like it. It's very sad...
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