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  1. i wrote that! thanks for the bump, anton! ??? the whole article was about the dissonance between matt's coming around/making nice with them and my own opinion of how they still suck? sure his opinion informed my own, i say as much in the article, but just because matt's friendly with them doesn't mean i'm about to start. phrasing! though you're half right. i think matt fed off of the press he got from being contrarian as much as the press fed off of his contrarian opinions. even today he does not couch his words, which is both a blessing and a curse. it's not an eithe
  2. thanks! nice to hear about it a bit more in depth. wonder if that podcast episode is archived somewhere...
  3. can also attest to how nice everyone was. although some people near me (floor, stage right) balked when matt started talking about gun control while introducing "a boy with a machine gun." don't really care for the record but "something like a storm" was quite killer live and made me appreciate it. the song had major "born to kill" vibes to it, with those major roomy "kashmir" esque drums.
  4. good call on the Sylvian Lake thing, Raine talks about it at around the 7:10 mark in this live performance they did at Edge 102.1 earlier today https://www.facebook.com/102edge/videos/10156103121504280/
  5. riiiight i remember that. wasn't jeremy also at the massey hall show in '08? didn't realize they'd kept in touch all this time (though i guess jeremy isn't in the band anymore is he?)
  6. so i'm surprised to see them touring together. when did they bury the hatchet?
  7. not much! i forgot you existed. nice to see you on here, and with good taste to boot!
  8. can't say i'm really shaken by this. i liked them when they first came out because they were largely different than anything else on the canadian pop music scene. i'd also have to say that i'll always appreciate them for helping make it easier for bands like fucked up to get exposure. overall their output was pretty inconsistent, and they really didn't leave us on a high note. you could see and hear the interest in the band waning, and that's pretty disappointing for a group that started with so much promise. i find it interesting when so many people call george petit "talentless" yet cla
  9. yep, braids work hard. i've seen them twice now, but with a difference of about 3 years. it's cool to see how they've grown as a band. i hope they stick it out. i'm currently listening to the colin stetson record and it's phenominal. won't change my love for austra one bit, but i'm really pulling for this record now as well. it's pretty "avant" territory, so i'd be VERY surprised if he took the award home, but he's definitely deserving. check out this moody piece (with vocals done by shara worden):
  10. i could say the butthole surfers, but that's kindof their point. i agree with what was said up thread about this being more about singers people don't like, as opposed to singers who lack technical proficiency, or whose voice is an awful match for the music. especially after that comment about all metal singers being shitty. if you don't like them, that's fine, but don't knock them. my vote goes to cedric from the mars volta. pretty shite singer if you've ever seen him live. has no projection, whatsoever, and struggles to compete with the rest of the volta's busy instrumentation. paul who
  11. i could agree with about half of that list. probably less. i mean, smooth? SMOOTH?!?! that's a part of the 90s i'd like to forget.
  12. and then there were ten: Arcade Fire, The Suburbs Austra, Feel it Break Braids, Native Speaker Destroyer, Kaputt Galaxie, Tigre et di
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