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  1. yeah but bowie never sent you "the day the world went away". therefore, i rock.
  2. do you work for bowie or something? or is it just that good? my friend has it, ill borrow it from him first.
  3. i think "heroes" is a good song. a great song, actually. probably one of the best love songs of all time. just like everyone else, i love the stuff from hunky dory, especially songs like "queen bitch", "life on mars?" and "the belway brothers". i havent heard much else, but his new stuff seems to be pretty good. like "bring me the disco king", for example.
  4. The Dillinger Escape Plan - "We Are the Storm"
  5. You read wrong. An EP (for extended play), is the name given to vinyl records (or CDs) which are too long to qualify as singles but too short to qualify as albums. Ergo, an EP is considered by its overall length or artistic reasons...since the distinction between a CD EP and a CD LP is considered somewhat arbitary. MGB's Loser Anthems EP has 7 different tracks on it, Cave In's Jupiter LP has 8 tracks. The Fiery Furnaces EP is longer than a lot of LPs. The number of tracks plays a part, but designating an EP is purely down to the artist. i agree with what you are saying. since the fantomas LP "delirium cordia" is only one song the entire time. perhaps making it 13 instead of 5 was more of a way to avoid confusion? or to have it be sold as an EP by retailers who were unaware of it's length? i wish i could show the article i read so i dont look like im making this up. too bad we never think of these things before.
  6. it's too bad that people use music as a divisive force.
  7. Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell - "Drop It Like It's Hot"
  8. i always get limited editions to things, so i say yes.
  9. ive heard half of it so far and i've got no complaints. it's pretty good. i need to give it a few more listens though.
  10. David Hasselhoff - "San Pedro's Children" yes, it's a real song lol. just thought id spice things up a bit.
  11. oh man, this is awesome. we're going to make millions.
  12. hahaha all $50 of it. sweet. if we throw in some french, we could throw in some german too, just to be really artsy and fucked up. maybe a scene or two with strange flashing lights. and to save money, the soundtrack will consist of either matthew good songs slowed down to half speed, or spoken word things by adam west himself.
  13. i dont have a camcorder, but my olympus camera can take 45 minutes of video on it with some decent sound. as far as the sound quality goes, we can just say we did that on purpose and our film will be hailed as "avant-garde" (sp?).
  14. i dig that idea. it could definitely work since he already played a senile (or just plain crazy) mayor in family guy.
  15. 13 tracks as in places that you can skip to on the CD. but those thirteen tracks arent individual songs 100% of the time. sometimes they're just the beginning of a new movement, in the same song. for example, the first song "cygnus...vismund cygnus" has 4 different parts to it, and you can skip to those individual parts. but it's all the same song. any better?
  16. i was reading a little blurb about the album somewhere that that's what they had to do, because EP's are defined by tracks, not by track length. this is what i read. if i can find it again, i'll be sure to enlighten you.
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