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  1. there are 13 tracks, but only 5 songs. a disc with 5 songs on it would only be considerred an EP.
  2. agreed. it has a fantastic groove. maybe that's the wrong word for it... oh well, too late. it does take awhile for it to all sink in, but the last track is definitely worth it. it took a few listens for me, but i found tha the power that it has is unbelievable. i don't know why, but i like it a lot. i guess just because of how it builds...
  3. lets not over exaggerate here. Deloused was barely the jaw dropping opus people made it out to be and frances is just more of the same. ATDI>>Sparta>Mars Volta... You heard it here first. i dont understand why people think sparta are so great. their sound barely changed from what ATDI was. it's no departure whatsoever. they should really just change their name to "the old rhythm section for at the drive-in". because that's what they are.
  4. when i heard the leak i was blown away. i love the album. although, it's certainly not something you can just put on and hear a track or two of, since the shortest song is 5 minutes and the longest is 31. it is definitely a great record though.
  5. The Icarus Line - "Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers"
  6. really smart and funny show. i love it. i found it once by accident. i had never intended to watch it, but there was nothing else on, and i laughed my pants off for the half an hour that it was on. so then i bought the DVD. that's probably the best $30 i've ever spent in my life. i think i'm going to go watch it right now. p.s. i hope they don't cancel the show and replace it with "american dad" that would be awful.
  7. its a good show, but as far as canadian programming goes, i've always preferred watching "made in canada".
  8. has anyone seen the original? i hear bad things about it as well... i dont think i'll like this because it seems as though marvel isn't putting any thought into their movies anymore. they all seem way too rushed. in regards to what someone had mentionned earlier about the iron man movie, i have reason to believe that it's going to be crap as well. recently, tom cruise declined the offer to play tony stark after much consideration and talks with the marvel people. cruise said "i've never just made a movie to make a movie".... here's the link: http://www.comics2film.com/FanFrame.php?f_id=11644 whatever, i'm just looking forward to the batman film.
  9. from the list, it's a tie between zeppelin and sabbath. both are really good and way ahead of their time. i enjoy listenning to zeppelin a bit more than sabbath though. just because they seem a bit more broad in overall scope. and good at it. they don't spread themselves too thin, but they weren't afraid to experiment. i havent heard enough sabbath to really say the same for them.
  10. how does that connect to the last one? and im pretty sure it's "Rorschach"
  11. winamp is probably your best bet. it doesn't take up the whole screen like some players might, it's incredibly easy to figure it all out (the basics, anyway), the player itself has great sound (you might notice a difference in the sound of your mp3s being played in winamp vs your old program, once you play with the equalizer) and you can change it's format to suit your needs. i've used it for years now, and haven't found anything better.
  12. hahahaha here's to hoping theres a kyuss reunion tour someday, since i wasn't musically conscious until it was too late.
  13. death from above 1979 - "you're a woman, i'm a machine"
  14. qotsa is basically josh homme. he's the only constant. so i don't see the band breaking up anytime soon. the new record sounds really good, except i miss nick's awesome bass playing. no offence to alain johnannes.
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