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  1. nine inch nails - and all that could have been pearl jam - live at the garden foo fighters - anywhere but home those are all really good. i might be biased for the foo fighters one though, because i was there for the taping of it. B)
  2. everybody go here and have your first taste of the new NIN: http://nin.com/visuals/with_teeth_teaser.htmlNIN teaser
  3. i would suggest you name your band either: 1) breaking gourds or 2) gramaphone face
  4. i've never seen it.. as you've never seen a spacehog. who are we to dismiss it? "the soundgarden" is a sculpture in seattle.
  5. i didnt think you could use the same artist twice
  6. I think pretty much all the music i listen to now is a result of the internet. im on it constantly, reading about new bands, previewing them and buying their albums from ebay, amazon.com or directly from the artist themself, which is something i would never have been able to do without the aid of the internet. the internet is becoming another means of promotion. artists and record companies alike are starting to realize this and take advantage of it. i'd like to set something straight. when mp3 trading became popular with napster in 1999, we were in an economic resession. as a result, people had less money to spend on albums than they would've liked. therefore, the dip in album sales cannot be directly attributed to the mass downloading of mp3s that year, because as soon as we recoverred from the resession, album sales returned to normal or better.
  7. i agree. it's too safe... the fact that it's named after their biggest single, and is in a shiny metal box, says it all right there.
  8. im not sure what it was, but if you're interested in that sort of thing, you should definitely check this site out: http://www.futureofmusic.org it has tonnes of articles on that topic, and related ones.
  9. Autolux - "Great Days for the Passenger Element"
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