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  1. ok sweet. that means that i have it then. as well as bowies whole "outside" album. i just recieved it in the mail from amazon.com.
  2. what kind of shitty, hippy ideal is THAT??? please don't knock the corporations and then don't offer any kind of suggestion as to how artists can get their music heard otherwise. sure, there is such thing as radio consolidation, and it's bad. a lot of bands don't get exposed as a result. but you can't fucking tell people here that artists who get played don't make music for the music. they obviously don't make it for the money, since they really don't get any until touring comes around. if you listen to a band who's made a career out of making music, regardless of radio play, they're pretty much in it for the money. anyone who tells you otherwise is either not making money or lying. man please don't make outrageous claims. like "the major label music INDUSTY (yes, you said industy) sucks and has to go after kids who download mp3s to make money now"... right... the majors aren't making any money. sure. the only reason there was a decline in music sales when people started downloading was because it happened in a time of economic recession. there is no direct correlation between money loss and mp3 downloading. see you at burning man, hippy.
  3. i have a remix of david bowie's "the heart's filthy lesson" but i don't know if it is or not. any help would be appreciated.
  4. could someone please explain to me the point of forming a new band if all you're going to do is sound like your old ones?? STP had their time. they were decent, but the only way you can call them the greatest 90s live act is if they were the ONLY band you saw in the 90s. that would definitely explain a lot. i enjoyed 'appetite for destruction' like anyone else did, but i really don't have high hopes for this 'chinese democracy' album that's 10 years late. i agree that axl shouldn't be calling the band guns n roses, it should be called axl rose and the revolving doors. i don't even think he has a band anymore. which is a good thing. he is most certainly not deserving of all this anticipation for the new record.
  5. whoa nice. what do you think of it? i really like that album, and failure in general.
  6. Sky - "All I Want" bwhahahahhaa what a horrible band.
  7. i know nothing of the work with chris robinson. all i know is that he may/may not be working with his brother again. also, that video for "fall to pieces" has to be the funniest thing i've ever seen on TV.
  8. i thought muchmusic usa had changed its name to fuse a year or two ago. and that it plays predominantly new rock and rap.
  9. or if they do know them, they know them as "that band that the old bassist for avril lavigne went to". ;)
  10. i was an insane TMNT fan when i was little. i had a couple home movies of the cartoon, a lot of the toys, and a couple comics even. i tried watching the new cartoon when it came out. it just wasn't the same.
  11. naw the bad counting is out. it doesnt sound NIN... which is good i guess. and it's better than the original single in my opinion. all i did was record the BBC radio premiere of it... so theres some hack DJ talking during the beginning and he kind of interrupts the end as well. but whatever, you get the basic idea of the song. i also have "little sister" the new QOTSA song if you want it. from the same show, different day.
  12. yo come online later and ill send u the trent remix of "vertigo" NIN ROCKS <--- the post is still NIN relevant.
  13. tool have been by far the best band i've seen live. visually the show is astounding, the band themselves are tight and aren't afraid to experiment. when i say experiment, i don't mean sniffing coke off of hookers, i mean they take chances with their songs and dont play carbon copies of the album. foo fighters deliver an energetic set from start to finish. matthew good has a hard time controlling the crowd, that's what i've found. EDIT: but the band is pretty solid musically, still. no complaints there. raine maida likes to masturbate on stage.
  14. everybody should check out the songs: "gut feeling" "girl u want" and "mongoloid" to make things funny.
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