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  1. I would happily run through an obstacle course in my underwear wearing flippers while having pieces of raw meat thrown at me just so I can be the Ultimate Fan.  If you don't have that, then what is there in life?



    self esteem for one. ;)

  2. often people determine who's a better fan by how much they know about the artist. that's what i've found to be the case in a lot of live journal communities and forums elsewhere. you ask something simple like:


    "why did the matthew good band break up in the first place?"


    and you get a reply that resembles this:


    "OMG you're an idiot, i can't believe you don't know!!!!"


    notice how the question itself wasn't answerred.


    music is supposed to be about unity, but often you get these people who make it divisive and elitist, and it doesn't make sense. all much music is doing is perpetuating that kind of ideal. what's even stranger is how their games really have nothing to do with the artists. they try to throw a squid or intestines into every event. nice.

  3. Why do feel the need to concern yourself with what other want to do?

    you said it best.


    i'm asking because i don't understand. why is it vital that people know as much as they can about their favorite artist? why do you concern yourself with how matthew good lives his life off stage?

  4. If you don't want to know the person behind the music, don't look at the pictures. If you want to know more, then look at the pictures.


    Anton (and others) have spent a long time creating a great Matt Good fansite with lyrics, info, and pictures. He's got a lot of fans to please so he's got as much info out there as he can. If you personally don't like, then just stay away.

    right. but why do people need to know the person behind the music? it's silly. matt seems to steer away from that and you'd think the fans would follow suit.


    everything you ever needed to know is in the songs. and the book. each sold seperately.

  5. first of all, id like to congratulate everyone on being civil. this is the first forum ive been to where people have been polite and actually discuss things with actual backup. props to that.


    now, it's no big deal that the gallery exists, im merely just questionning WHY it does in the first place.


    this next part might sound hypocritical coming from someone who's on a fansite just like you are, but i don't see it that way.


    some have said that we as fans are interested in who matt is as a person, and kind of want to get a glimpse of who he is "behind the music". i do think that this is a natural kind of thing that fans tend to do, however, i don't necessarily agree with it. part of art has to do with interpretation. i like not knowing everything about someone. wedding pictures seem kind of irrelevant to me.


    i dont see how wedding photos act as publicity. or how they should be regarded as such. his wedding, has nothing to do with the music that he makes. it is his personal life. anything he does away from the stage or the recording booth, im frankly not interested in. jenn may act as a muse for what he puts out, but should his wedding really matter to us??


    also, because jenn has a blog and posts photos in it is a different thing. she posts herself. she tells you what she wants you to know. she doesn't expose every little detail of her day. neither did matt with the old mblog or the new phantom blog. its one thing when the person is giving you the picture, it's another when those photos are taken without permission.


    id like to add that this really isnt an important issue, and i dont want to sound like im harping on it. it's merely discussion.

  6. so im new to this place.


    i was kind of wondering as to why you people have a jennifer good section as a part of your gallery? i know shes very much a part of matt's life and she's easy on the eyes as well, but i find it a little odd that theres a gallery specifically with pictures of her. id understand if it were a "jenn and matt" gallery or something, or even a gallery of her in regards to her animal activism biznazz. but it seems a little weird to me.


    we're here because of matthew good and the music that he's made and i personally think that there should be some sort of divide when it comes to his life as an entertainer and his life at home. i wouldn't say his wife is related to his work enough that you can actually justify her being a part of the gallery.


    perhaps im just making too much of a big deal out of this, but i'd like to hear other's thoughts on this as well. please, refrain from justifying her presence here by saying "shes hot".




    thanks for your time.

  7. But that's all just because Maynard has self esteem problems. Trent is beautiful and he knows it. But seriously... yah it's all good. It's really just this picture that puts me off.trent354.jpg

    you have a point (with the picture).


    i dont think maynard has self esteem issues, because outside of tool he does interviews and photoshoots, as the maynard for APC. he's also had a few small roles in some movies. so he obviously doesn't have that big of a problem.


    the anti-image, image that they have is more of an ideal that the band shares, not just maynard. back in the day (60s), rock music had a kind of mystery attatched to it. there weren't so many magazines all asking the same dumb questions over and over, and the band's image itself wasn't so stressed upon. so to return to that, tool only do selective press. and it's worked. despite the fact that they started out by hardly do interviews for anyone, they're a pretty successful band, and one of the only bands from their time-period that are still around today.


    also, because they hardly to photoshoots, members of the band can walk out into a crowd and not be recognized by the fans. and that's what they want.


    man, ive typed too much. this is what you get when the conversation turns to tool.

  8. WHAT ABOUT NOTHING RECORDS! WHAT COULD THEY POSSIBLY REQUEST? Actually I figure it's not the labels but rather the magazines he does the interviews for. He probably just doesn't care either way how they make him dress then pose.

    if he didnt do lots of pictures and interviews, he'd be tool. that's what they do.


    the pictures he does are for magazines and stuff, for promotional purposes. they all suit his image most of the time, but of course, there will always be bad pictures. just like theres bad anything else.


    the pictures help perpetuate the image of trent reznor as a rock star, and not necessarily michael trent reznor who grew up in clevland ohio. i find when an artist has an image, it separates their stage life from their real life.


    therefore, glamour shots should be the least of your worries.

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