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  1. how did that work out for you? i bet it ended with wars in the middle east and failed economic policies.

    you have the weirdest, most inflated fucking understanding of the word of "protest." lucky for you, half of canada shares it. makes you look like less of a tard.



    i was discussing the cost of the whole thing with a conservative co-worker. he said these things are much easier in most other countries because they have armed force bases everywhere so its easy to locate the conferences closer to 'free' security. i asked why we didn't have the conference in borden or something, and he said that the chinese were too conservative for it.


    this is all bullshit. the government is ignoring how canadians want their money spent and when we go to tell them how they got it wrong, a few dumbasses take it out of hand, forcing our right to protest to be ignored for our right to not have the financial district get all fucked up. i watched a documentary, berekley in the sixties, a few years ago and one former protester said something like, we wanted the cost of going to vietnam to be complete domestic disobedience. i don't think he meant like this though.

    a lot of people have been talking about how unnecessary the whole meet up is in the first place. most of the decisions made in the final communiqu

  2. I think directed and educated protest has its place. I feel that even if you disagree on an issue you should take time to understand it thoroughly. Protesting should be about saying this isn't right, but should be based on near complete knowledge of what is going on.


    too bad the same isn't required to be a politician!

  3. terribly overplayed compared to the rest of their singles. i would even say that the amount of play this song gets is disproportionate to how good it actually is. ok, vedder read an article about a quiet kid who shot himself in class. we get it. it's a decent song, with decent music, but there's not much to it beyond that. it's not complicated, new parts or aspects of the song don't reveal themselves over time. it's fairly two dimensional to me.


    here's a better pearl jam song. i've posted a youtube so you have no excuse to say "haven't heard it" or "dunno"


    pearl jam - not for you


  4. you didn't pick the best screen name for that then. ;)


    owen, if you need an editor (and this is by no means a jab at the copy you've provided upthread) let me know.


    tracy's comments do have merit though. the line "because word on the street is that bondage is hot this year and only getting hotter" is pretty awful, as it assumes the readership is just waiting for the next hottest sex trend that they can be a part of: "oh rape is so 2007." it does answer the all-important "why" factor, but not in a very intelligent way. also, sarah b should calm down on the ellipses.

  5. ACC? Ricoh? both would sell tons.


    However, I'd like to see them play Massey Hall.


    i think ACC and ricoh would sell well, but i don't know if they'd sell out. i know they're popular, but for people who are 25+. i have no idea if the kids these days like them. not that kids determine sales...


    massey hall? that would be unique but i can't imagine it would really suit the band.


    if they made it out this way in the summer, i could see them doing a nice show at molson amphitheatre, but i know a lot of people hate that place. whenever i picture soundgarden playing live, its always outside in the burning sun.


    my dream soundgarden concert would be in the horseshoe tavern or some equally tiny, sweaty venue.


    The tour will be in Chicago, and that is it.


    I don't see them touring much beyond that.

    yeah i'd almost prefer they disappear just as quickly as they reunited. i love soundgarden to death, but short reunions are definitely preferable to long, drawn out ones, or ones where the band opts to get back in the studio and shit on their legacy. i'm looking at you smashing pumpkins, janes addiction (bring back eric! (again)), and many others. alice in chains are an exception. they toured hard and warmed people up to a new singer, and it worked. the album was a clunker, but it made the fans happy.

  6. haha you're not the first to think that. i think most of that can be attributed to matt berenger's vocals. they work at a certain level because his deadpan delivery can very easily skew the line between sincerity and ironic distance, but consequently they oftentimes sound just plain monotonous. i think repeated listens reveal that he's very subtle in the way that he sings, though i sure do miss the days where he would belt out a scream every now and then.

  7. the BTK mention is sad, but not surprising.


    surprised no one has mentioned nas yet. his output is inconsistent, but his first album is possibly the best hip hop album of all time.



    wu tang member gza was the first of the group to put out a strong solo record that few have been able to top.



    underground hip hop would not exist were it not for a tribe called quest. these guys were conscious hip hop through and through. i recommend checking out their midnight marauders album if you get the chance.



    one of the more recent artists i listen to quite a bit is mf doom (aka doom, madvillain, viktor vaughn, etc). he has a great flow and has worked with some of the best producers out there (madlib, j dilla, RJD2).


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