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  1. taken from reunion show as "nudedragons" the entire bootleg of the show is floating around if you know where to look.
  2. that part was cooler when i didn't know what the lyrics were.
  3. no fucking way is it album of the year. it's good, but they're so close to being MOR. there are a lot of non-starters on this album. too many.
  4. not really sure how they sound like 30 seconds to mars, shade... elaborate plz.
  5. these dudes need to fucking stay retired. scott weiland is an insufferable piece of shit, not even smart enough to realize that being a piece of shit is what makes him somewhat interesting. he tries to mask it under a pretence of being arty -- tormented, even-- when he'd be much better off just embracing what an awful person he is. his lyrics are misogynistic, his whole "rock star" persona is merely posturing, and he plays on his vices as though he has no control over them, glamorizing the whole addict lifestyle by always tacking the "redemption" narrative on at the end. iggy pop is an idiot, but he's a fucking savant compared to this asshole. plus, pop has an incredible awareness of who he is and uses that to his advantage. he plays up the dumb-guy thing really well and gets away with a lot. the same goes for the rest of the band, but to a lesser extent. but because they soundtrack his idiotic lyrics with even worse downtuned, primitive, dad-rock kind of schlock, they have to be categorized with their leader.
  6. the cameos are good as in, they're good performances, but as far as the record is concerned, they're horribly mixed. ike mother fucking turner rips it on piano, and danger mouse fucking buries it in the mix.
  7. but that's what gorillaz are about. it's not a damon solo project--- never has been. i think this album is my favourite. demon days/ was excellent, but after listening to plastic beach, i think it's a much better representation of the gorillaz sound. DD was a bit more conventional, both in its instrumentation and in its songwriting, but somehow it still managed to strike-out when it came to succeeding at the "pop" level. DD repeatedly falters in any attempt to sustain any kind of mood. it's far too schizophrenic (or at least, a victim of poor sequencing). sure, there's an underlying theme of despair, but when "DARE" is the best song on the album, and it does virtually nothing to contribute to the post-apocalyptic theme, you know you've got a problem.
  8. i definitely want to see this film.
  9. this show looks interesting. i've never been able to catch it, though. also, i've just started watching battlestar now, and bear mccreary's music is awful. that piano line they introduced season 3 (?) with baltar on the cylon ship was just weeeaaak.
  10. i watched part of an episode, and i'd have to agree with dan, segal is pretty passive in it. i think it's one of those shows where you need a larger group of people around to really enjoy the hilarity.
  11. i haven't tried it myself because my webcam is broken, but i get the impression that you can run into some funny stuff sometimes:
  12. haha yeah, great gif. i'm not sure where you have tats, meg, but i'd go forearm.
  13. agreed. it ended when godsmack was thrown on, and when people thought they could get away with trying to add every hip album ever. not gonna fly. i think the saddest part about this whole exercise is that out of the 28 artists that were chosen, everyone on the list is white, and aside from feist (who was axed from sodamn's own list) there were absolutely no female artists present whatsoever.
  14. he is good. probably one of my favourites, though i'd like it if he got away from this nick drake/pink floyd shit he's been into lately. it works when it's quick and fun, but the slow stuff just sounds so boring and humourless. what's even more maddening is that he pulled off the slow folksy stuff quite well back in the 90s with one foot in the grave. not sure what he's getting at by repeating himself, but oh well. he just produced charlotte gainsbourg's new album, and its very information-y. i was actually surprised that he was responsible for the production and not nigel godrich, though the pairing between beck and gainsbourg is definitely something cooked up in godrich's basement.
  15. so the documentary was pretty ace. saw it at fairview mall, not sure if that's where you ended up. i liked that it gave the band a chance to speak directly to the fans and avoid all the press bullshit. i had been hearing about their reunion so many goddamn times over the past three years that i never thought it would actually happen. nice to hear them explain how it happened, and how it was the right time for all of them to get back together again.
  16. not quite. earlier this year, pitchfork made a list of the best of the decade, including albums, singles and whatnot, and called it "p2k." f2k is a nod to that. the list was made by maura johnson, the former editor of the music blog idolator and chris weingarten, music writer extraordinaire. the list was started on idolator, but the people who own idolator felt it was necessary to change editorial staff halfway through the list, and when maura left, she took the list with her. eventually it found a home at the village voice, where they were able to finish the countdown. my favourite entry would probably be field's dreams "baby hugh hef" because of how fucking awful the song is and how perfectly it encompasses everything that was wrong with the 00s. i would also be in on any sort of negotiating if it were to take place. both writers are american, and from the looks of it, the US is bombarded with much more shittier music than canada. why are you even bothering trying to absolve black eyed peas of being completely shit? why were you even curious enough to bother looking into their back catalogue if you are dissatisfied with their current output avec fergie? not-including ms. fergalicious, there are three members of the band, all of whom have seniority in their favour as well as equal opportunity to outweigh her awfulness either performance-wise or in terms of decision making, so i really have a hard time buying the notion that fergie made BEP shit. collectively they made bad decisions and even worse music, so to point the finger solely at fergie is pretty misguided. plus, what the hell do those other two do anyways, besides dance? although it isn't saying much, fergie is probably the most talented person in the band.
  17. seeing the last i mother earth show ever at georgian college was pretty sweet. it wasn't "epic" really, aside from the set-length, but it was definitely one of those shows that i'll always remember, and i might not have known it then, but it was also a fairly important concert in terms of their career, so that's cool too. it probably would've been better had the opening acts been even remotely tolerable. i guess you could say that going to NXNE this year was pretty epic. 5 days of as much music as i could handle for only $50. it was amazing, and i think i only went to shows on three or four of those days. not only did i see kick ass bands like no age and king khan & BBQ show, but i got to see the sonics! i was dead tired by the end of it all, but i'm definitely going to do it again next year.
  18. hopefully he tours again before he kicks it, or else i'll be pissed.
  19. twitter feels a bit useless to me right now because i don't follow it 24/7. so i miss out on much of the immediacy and find myself playing more catch up than really experiencing things "in the moment." if i had it on my cell phone, or something like that, i can see how it would be really cool and maybe even helpful. but i check my account once a day, and i'd say that doing that is barely enough to keep up with it all.
  20. hahah i never thought of it that way... at this point, i'm not really sure how i'll remember 2009, or what i will associate most with this year. same goes for the decade itself. i think that comes with time. right now i'm busy having my mind blown realizing that the year 2000 was almost ten years ago, when it definitely doesn't feel like that at all. perhaps the problem is that ten years doesn't feel as long as i think it should, but time has definitely flown right by (not necessarily in a negative sense, either).
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