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  1. i like how people still say it's a good album, even though they can only name 3-4 good songs. am i missing something?
  2. haven't seen once or listened to any of their albums, but i do like their cover of bob dylan's "you ain't goin' nowhere." it's from the i'm not there soundtrack.
  3. look, if you're feeling left out, we can start talking about alice in chains or a perfect circle...
  4. he's a better screamer! almost? he only croons partially? no one's going to get mad if you say he's a crooner straight up, because it's the truth. he has many vocal styles at his disposal, and that's definitely one that he's not afraid to use.
  5. that's a lot of work for very little pay-off. had the post been well written AND rick rolled me, then that's another story.
  6. i'm surprised you weren't fitted for one already. at the hospital i worked at, it was part of my orientation. i read an interesting article today about the vaccines. it was an opinion piece about how they've totally failed their job already. in the time that it'll take to roll the vaccine out to everyone else who isn't in a risk group, you will more than likely have been exposed to the virus, and either got sick and developed an immunity to it, or developed an immunity to it right off the bat. i'm neither pro, nor against vaccination in general, but i've always shied away from the yearly flu vaccines, and this argument is definitely a compelling enough one to make me think twice about getting vaccinated. although health canada might've already grouped swine flu in with regular flu, the mass hysteria surrounding the sickness hasn't stopped them from puncturing every arm they can get their mitts on. hell, they paid for the stuff already, no refunds on vaccines apparently, so wh not vaccinate everyone anyway, just to be sure?
  7. it is blown out of proportion. but i think there's a motive: blow things out of proportion, and more people will rush to get vaccinated. now i'm not saying that this is the government's motivation, or even "the man's," it could simply be something that appeals to everyday people who are fearful of the "hini." "oh no! there's a shortage of vaccines! i'd better get mine quick!!!" the government knows full well how many people there are in the country, and they've said countless times that there's enough to go around. meanwhile, rumours of shortages abound. i think it's a very persuasive way to make sure people get vaccinated. i don't think it's a "conspiracy" but i do think hype is too tempting a tool for people to not use. plus, if you have longer time to think about it, you might think twice about getting something with mercury injected into your body. pregnant women, one of the target groups for the "hini" can get their vaccine without mercury for some reason, while the rest of us have to settle for it. if the efficacy of a vaccine is the same without an ingredient, one that's proven to be pretty harmful on its own, then why do we need it in the first place?
  8. i listened to the promo EP. it was ok. i liked one song, i think. i would like to check out the album.
  9. you clearly have never listened to "all night thing" or anything audioslave ever did. i think scream is awful, but not because it's different. i don't even think it's the result of chris not being true to himself. his career path and choices were totally leading up to something like scream. you can see a steady decline in the quality of his output since his first solo album. if anything, chris was being incredibly true to himself by making that album. i don't believe he was doing it for the hits, or even to make money, because neither of those things really panned out. most of the songs were above the 4:30 mark, for fuck sakes. what kind of forgettable pop song drags on for that long? i think he wanted to make a pop album, but it just so happened that it's set to some of the worst middle-of-the-road stuff timbaland has ever nodded his head to. i believe wholeheartedly that cornell thinks scream is a great album, and while that's a bad judgment on his part, i don't think that feeling is illegitimate or the result of some evil record executive poking and prodding cornell to make an accessible record. the dude writes for american idol contestants. wake up. he's not the shirtless, long-haired, brooding banshee we once thought we knew. why? because that was fucking 20 years ago. the fact of the matter is, chris cornell made a poorly executed pop album. it was poorly executed because it found both collaborators meeting one another half way, rather than saying "fuck common ground" and actually challenging one another. had cornell gone completely r&b, i think it would've faired much better. he should've just made a conventional pop album, and had a million guests on each song, ranging from eddie vedder to the pussy cat dolls. scream is the result of cornell not pushing himself in any direction far enough. he could easily have been a justin timberlake type had really given himself to the idea. i hear a lot of restraint on scream, and it's really unfortunate. the lyrics and beats might be poppy, but the song lengths and 40-year-old-cum-nightclub-pervert themes say otherwise. as for the soundgarden reunion, i'd be happy if it happened, but only if it was a touring reunion. enough bands have reunited recently and shat on their legacies, and i will not stand by to see soundgarden do the same. things ended nicely. it'd be cool to see them again, but do i really want to hear another album? no. i'm happy with the ones they gave us. nor do i really think that what they did back then could translate well to now. they're a solid band, but i seriously doubt they could put anything together worth listening to. despite your innermost hopes, a soundgarden will not revive the career of chris cornell, nor will it suddenly imbue him with the ability to write better lyrics or make better career choices.
  10. this is probably the most questionable thing you've said, ever. they're like our version of hall and oates.
  11. bloc party used to be cool. then they started listening to coldplay.
  12. it's solid. just a bit samey. t'was my favourite for a loooong time.
  13. i think 'intention' in this instance was meant to refer to whether or not matt wrote boring drum parts intentionally... meaning he knew they were boring, as opposed to him thinking that they were perfectly good beats, and intended on keeping with the same drum patterns as the demos.
  14. i'm amazed by all the "talking to the muslisms" that obama has been apparently doing. where have i been? what has he been talking to them about?
  15. someone likes his lo-fi. this is hard. these lists are by no means final or absolute, but i can stand by them and say that they're at least a decent representation of what i liked from each decade. i listen to way too much music to be able to come up with only 10 albums. i could make 10 lists of 10 and still be happy with each as a representation of what i liked. in no order whatsoever: top 10 90s: blur - parklife outkast - stankonia mr bungle - california beck - one foot in the grave the roots - things fall apart massive attack - mezzanine refused - the shape of punk to come tool - aenima drive like jehu - yank crime the jesus lizard - goat top 10 00s: dirty projectors - rise above isis - wavering radiant portishead - third no age - nouns tv on the radio - return to cookie mountain cave in - perfect pitch black converge - jane doe unwound - leaves turn inside you matthew good - avalanche the new pornographers - twin cinema
  16. he manages LIGHTS and thinks she's the coolest thing on the planet. i like him as a radio personality, but i tried reading his twitter once and found it so bland. also, he can be a bit of a pushover when it comes to interviewing people, like that time billy bob thorton (thornton?) walked all over him for no reason. then again, george stromboulopoulous can be that way too...
  17. this is the first album of his that i thought was really patchy. when he was saying that WLRRRwas going to be a stripped, raw set of songs that he was just putting to tape so he could play them live, i was really excited, but the final product really didn't resemble that at all. the songs were bare in that they didn't have much going on in terms of arrangements and instrumentation, but they've still got a studio gloss all over them that really prevents me from enjoying their potential rawness. it also doesn't help that the album is fairly front-loaded, as most of the songs i revisit are all at the beginning. if matt really was just looking to play these songs live, he should've just toured them, got them down the way he liked, and then recorded them live. many artists have recorded live albums that exclusively feature new material. neil young's time fades away comes to mind. recording it live would've given the album a much needed sense of life and urgency that really isn't captured in the version of WLRRR we ended up with.
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