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  1. Rodchester Kings - William Sits In Avalon Broken - South Of Summer Left Of Normal - A Better Pain Euphony - Dancing Invisible 15 Hours On A September Thursday - Parable Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts - Fearless Raygun - Generation X-Wing Underdogs - Prime Time Deliverance Lo Fi B-Sides - Fated Beautiful Midnight - Suburbia Loser Anthems - Fine Art of Falling Apart Audio Of Being - The Rat Who Would be Kind Avalanche - Avalanche White Light Rock And Roll Review - Empty Road In A Coma - Generation X-Wing (Acoustic) Hospital Music - Champions of Nothing Massey Hall - Black Helicopters Vancouver - On Nights Like Tonight
  2. 99% PTD While We Were Hunting Rabbits Apparitions
  3. 1) Last Parade 2) Sort of a Protest Song 3) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 4) Going All the Way 5) Volcanoes 6) Empty Road 7) Middle Class Gangsters 8) Moon Over Marin 9) A Silent Army in the Trees
  4. I really hope he plays "On Nights Like Tonight" at the Nov. 10th show in Van City. And I'd trade "Weapon", "LMU", and HTB" for "Avalanche", "BSOBL" or "CON" any day...though, I understand why he needs to play the token 'singles', as not everyone in the crowds are hard-cores.
  5. 1) Ex-pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra 2) Suburbia 3) Put Out Your Lights 4) House of Smoke and Mirrors 5) Symbolistic White Walls 6) Pony Boy 7) True Love Will Find You in the End 8) The Fine Art of Falling Apart 9) Near Fantastica
  6. A very underrated band. Would have been very interesting to see how they matured as a band, with their 3rd and 4th albums, if Shannon had not passed on. I actually really like "Nico" (1996). The thing I've found with Blind Melon is that their music is appreciated more after repeated listening...(especially their Soup LP). I have yet to hear the recently released "For My Friends" (2008), with the new singer / songwriter Travis Warren. Though, I am very much anticipating seeing the band play live once they set a Vancouver date. From what I've heard, they are still very tight.
  7. It's nice to see that the JUNO people have the class to nominate MG for the Rock award, though I was curious: - Has he ever even been nominated for "Songwriter of the Year" at the JUNOS? I mean seriously, how could he not have been considered for this award with every LP he has released? - I also thought that "Born Losers" should have been nominated for "Single Of The Year"...but, in terms of JUNOS, that's just me dreaming most likey.
  8. Hospital Music: Champions of Nothing WLRRR: Empty Road Avalanche: While We Were Hunting Rabbits Audio of Being: The Rat Who Would Be King Loser Anthems: Fine Art of Falling Apart Beautiful Midnight: Suburbia Lo-Fi B-Sides: Fated Underdogs: Prime Time Deliverance Raygun: Generation X-Wing LOTGA: Fearless In A Coma: AOPC
  9. ...Curious, where are you sourcing your information from? So, you are trying to state that a major record company, (like Universal), and the staff responsible for promoting & marketing major CD releases (like Beautiful Midnight), would only go so far as to negotiate on & select the first two singles to be released to radio (prior the the CD's release)? I seriously doubt that, not when it's a band or artist who's 'sound'/brand has been already established in the market through previous successful releases. I have read situations where the videos for the initial 3 singles for a major release were already shot & edited prior to the albums big release date. (The analysis in marketing a product for the public doesn't start after the product has been released to the public, they don't need to "test" the market, it's their job to know the market).
  10. Actually, "Suburbia" was a proposed radio/video single by Universal when Beautiful Midnight was originally released. The copy I bought, (which was the week it was released in Canada), had a a sticker on the package that slated the upcoming singles, it stated something along the lines of: "Album includes The new hit single: Hello Timebomb with: Load Me Up Strange Days Suburbia" Who knows what occured at Universal between the time of the albums release and the time that the 4th single was released (being The Future is X-Rated), but it is evident that they were planning on releasing Suburbia, initially, as a potential 4th single... Cheers.
  11. It's obvious you have no idea what a Radio Edit is, in terms of creating a single catered for radio/video play...or you wouldn't have felt the need to point out that album versions of "Man of Action" and "Prime time" are not as 'radio friendly'... Fact is, there have been plenty of radio hits, from various rock artists, from more original singles (radio edits) which haven't had that annoying amount of "heavily repeated chorus". Sorry pal, but Rico, Carmalina & The Future is X-Rated are among Matt's least successful singles released, and there is a reason for that: they weren't chosen wisely. Cheers.
  12. Personally I think they should release another catchy tune to Radio as the follow up to the stellar "Born Losers", such as: "I am a Window" Yet, in the end, Universal has a terrible track record of releasing the best suited songs off of Matt's previous albums to radio in the past, such as: - "It's been Awhile...", instead of "Empty Road." - "Carmalina", instead of a radio edit version of "Man of Action." - "The Future is X-Rated", insead of "Suburbia." - & "Rico", instead of a radio edit of "Prime Time Deliverance." ...Though this is simply my own opinion. So, in my humble opinion, Universal will next release: "Devil's In The Details" It's pretty safe to say.
  13. In these late rounds it's difficult, but the weakest of the remaining singles is, without a doubt: A Single Explosion
  14. If this cut doesn't excite us all for the acoustic tour, not sure what would...haha. Cheeers man.
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