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  1. hey guys, just incase you're interested there is a pretty rad converter online that lets you extract audio from youtube files, so if you like a particular live post you can rip the audio Here cheers!;)
  2. haven't posted on here in a while, but I think I must after seeing this setlist. Without a doubt matt always brings the RAWK no matter what song he is playing, and I understand the sickness and limited rehearsal time issues but for someone who constantly prattles on about the monotony of playing 'the hits' he surely has never really went against that formula the past couple years. I am a little disappointed with this initial setlist. you think with having the same band for a year, especially with members who actually recorded Vancouver with him (excluding Milos) that they are going to have
  3. generation x wing -verse- G +, a- -there's a little riff he plays to transition between these two chords, too lazy to write it out a-...................G you want to Senorita Chorus and Bridge: d-, F+, C+, G+
  4. this is frikin sweet, can't wait till the album comes out. I am glad they kept the banter at the end of the songs.
  5. I agree as well that they do work for most of the songs. The reason I am saying he should lay off the strings is because he will most likely just use the shitty garage band strings he used for Hospital music. I think it detracts from that whole sprawling, lush sound that matt was trying to create. He definitely captured that sound with the Vancouver orchestra on avalanche, unfortunately he can't afford that anymore. sorry about that nit picking but when it comes to midi sounds i turn into a complete audiophile.;) I remembered he mentioned that he may get a small quartet to play the string
  6. check out this list!;) Giant Put Out Your Lights Avalanche Born Losers Tripoli (In a Coma) Blue Skies Over Bad Lands North American For Life A Long Way Down While We Were Hunting Rabbits Black Helicopter Near Fantastica Weapon Odette Sort Of A Protest Song
  7. This was my favourite demo thus far. Very reminiscent of the Avalanche days. I still think he needs to lay off the strings in all these demos, this one I am considering to be an exception given the feel of the song.
  8. awesome cover stevie! i like how downtempo it is compared to the original.
  9. hmmm, he says he will be releasing a limited double c.d. version. What will the other disk be? I say an acoustic ep album or his acoustic set from Massey hall?
  10. an acoustic ep would be fantastic! i am enjoying all this new material so far. should cut down on all the string parts though...
  11. http://www.matthewgood.org/2008/07/music-i-do-that-too/ official demo list up
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