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  1. I feel pretty ripped off then. If I didn't have the setlist I would only remember half of what was played anyway.
  2. Automatic was also in the encore I am the proud owner of an official set list!!!!! Wooo row BBB!!!! If the computer gods shine on me, I'll post some pictures of Deadmonton's show later Also, Stephanie (I can't remember your name on here, supervillian perhaps?) I think I saw you tonight but I wasn't sure if it was you so I didn't say hi.
  3. Count me in for Calgary
  4. That makes far more sense. I would not llick a llamas llabia either.
  5. I don't know what labia you're talking about Crusader, but I'm fairly certain they don't do too much pooping. Labia
  6. WHOA... do i ever. I llove llabias.
  7. Yes. Two L's. Llamas can't be the only ones that get the privilege of having two L's You are in a worse situation than I am. I at least have five hours of prime sleeping time left if I was capable of sleeping.
  8. Dear Bored Peoples, Please wake up and go on the internet. I have insomnia and google bot makes a shoddy companion. It's 3 am and as a certain generic rock group once said, I must be lonely. That is all. Llove, Llisa
  9. I worked a few jobs at the plant a few years ago and all the guys were really rad. Plus my Mom's boyfriend works out there and he's cool. The only lame thing is I'd prefer to live in Calgary but if I get the job I already decided that I'll rent a place here and just come down on the weekends. Bring my little bro and go skateboarding with him or something. And I could handle living with one set of parents or the other on weeknights for a few months. Rekindle some old friendships.
  10. Well I was looking around at jobs that I could do in Calgary and the most/hr that I was actually capable of (keeping in mind I'm a skinny wimp) was $16/hr as like a landscaper or a painter helper. Which would be cool too if I could get a job like that. With the job up north I'd be making $18/hr as a safety tech in the oilfield with regular hours and getting good enough experience to find a good job later in Calgary. Plus, I'd be able to live off family while I'm up north. Free groceries are essential these days as I'm living off of a .69/day for a pack of noodles. P.S. Kids remember, university + theatre = doubly broke.
  11. I have my mom's internet if I feel like driving 30km for it. I have to wait and see if I have the job first
  12. Thanks guys. I sent my resume in and I think I'm near the top of the list for considerations. There's always the weekends and it will give me an edge for a good job in Calgary later.
  13. I live in Calgary and I'm having a blast here right now. Lots of opportunities for music and art and friends and fun. I was just offered a safety technician job at a plant for the summer for about $2800 a month (i make...about $1000 now) The only problem is, its 5 hours north of here...in my hometown where the only appeal is money. Options? What would you do?
  14. Holy shit. That "cuddles" cat is going to give me nightmares. Creeped me out.... I'm going to look again Edit: I looked again. It struck fear into my heart.
  15. 10. It looks like a cartoon but its really just your foot.
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