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    Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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    Well im a pretty easy goin guy that loves playing hockey, Im a broadcasting student, so i guess that would be an interest too ahh Im too lazy to write em down if ya really want to know ask.
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    "Am I Crazy? Difficult? An Asshole? Rumor Has It That I Am So Duck And Cover"
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    euphony, load me up, and running for home
  1. I'll take Near Fantastica for 1000 Trebek, no seriously, last time Matt was here, sans acoustic obviously, he came right out to near fantastica, blew my effing mind
  2. I've also got em all...minus loser anthems, and as soon as I have a higher paying gig Im buying it somehow
  3. I'd have to go with running for home, I got canned, my girlfriends probably leaving me, and Im having no luck finding a new job. I just feel totally worn out and I need to disapear for a few days
  4. laser30

    Original Weapon

    have you ever seen him live in vancouver? Nah, unfourtunatley, I've seen him 3 times in Thunder Bay and yeah he was animated but no bouncing around craziness
  5. laser30

    Original Weapon

    I think some sort of hybrid of the two videos would be the perfect happy medium, I liked a lot of the shots that were in this version better than the released one. Also is it just me or has Matt NEVER looked that animated...ever?
  6. Paranoid Android, Ive always thought Matt's voice would fit in PERFECTLY with that song
  7. Survivor, it started all this reality show garbage and has probably consumed more lives than the plague did at its peak
  8. Not only was it a great action flick, its almost scary how the entire plotline could probably become a reality...hoooray for Bush!
  9. Atucally I heard a rumor that the entire thing is in fact fabricated and a publicity stunt, someone I work with told me this fact...and were journalists, so im sure its "fair and balanced" hahahahaha
  10. This may be slightly off topic, but anyone else in here who is kinda into alexisonfire that thinks they would be much better off if the screamy guy just shut the hell up?
  11. Allright so what are the odds that Matt will cover hurt again? I love that song and live I'd probably get the jibillies from its kickassness
  12. laser30


    Correct me if I'm wrong but didnt even the lead singer of NIN come out and say that Cash did a better version than they orginally did?
  13. Tomorrow night, VIP thats the benefit of working at a radio station, Im sure if we get the chance to meet Matt you'll all see pictures!
  14. He's coming back to Thunder Bay!! Hooray, this has just made my day! Now to steal some free media passes from work
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