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  1. Hi everyone! So I started on this journey a few years ago, and I don't really know why I did - I have some (quite a bit) of musical background, but I've always just used that training for whipping out at friends and family gatherings and such. Anyhow, we don't 'gather' like that anymore for obvious reason, but over the past year I did find myself missing music; whether it's going to concerts, or playing accompaniment at parties while my friends drunkenly sing along. In addition, I also found myself with a handful of songs that I've written and recorded over years. So, what did I do? Polis
  2. Hi friends - It's probably been almost a decade since I've signed in here. I was going through some music that used to listen too, reflecting on how much my life has changed, and landed back on Matt's earlier stuff, and pretty soon I found myself playing certain songs over and over again, rediscovering the intricacies of Matt's lyrical work; one of the major draws of his work for me. Anyhow, I do write music from time to time, and I found myself wanting to do a 'Matthew Good'ish' piece. After a few days, I settled on a subject matter, pulled out all of my favorite MG tropes, and banged somethi
  3. You are correct! ;) I tried to keep it descrete during the concert, and maybe take a video, but the security guards saw me too early!!! ;(
  4. Hey guys - I think I'm a week behind...I just wanted to share half dozen shots I took at the Hamilton show...before they asked me to put my camera away... http://www.flickr.com/photos/lyuan/sets/72157623022567576/ Cheers and Happy Holidays! Larry
  5. Just finished my 3rd listen of Vancouver, and I must say, I'm REALLY enjoying the album - My favorite track right now is 'Vancouver National Anthem' - I love the little guitar arpeggio theme and the whole mood of the song! Anyhow, I bought a physical CD, and noticed a huge '64' silk screened onto the CD - Anyone know the importance of that number with relation to the album and it's themes? L.
  6. I am using an iPhone 3Gs with the 3.01 firmware. I can play QuickTime stuff fine it seems.
  7. Hey guys, Has anyone tried streaming Vancouver using the iPhone or iPod touch? I'm trying to, but every time I click on the link header in Safari, I get a bunch of junk on the screen. Is there a specific program I need to get in order to stream .m4a? Thanks
  8. Here's a link to the Johnny Cash video with Trent Reznor's thoughts on the cover. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlzjqPGdOSM IMHO, probably one of the best (fitting) covers I've ever heard. I'm also a fan of Tori Amos' cover of Smells like Teen Spirit....! L.
  9. I was on the very right, at the front as well - OMG we were standing next to each other! There were a few parts in which the band drowned out Matt's voice. The overall effect though was pretty awesome - It was a live show, so the accoustics are going to be a bit off. I preffered it much more than the Massey Hall seated show, even though I could hear him no problem in that one. L.
  10. Gomo - Just fly JetBlue up to buffalo and drive up!!! That's how I get to NYC!
  11. As expected, the setlist was quite similar to the one Matt's been playing so far on the tour... I didn't expect the extended encore though: Giant, Avalanche, and then She's in it For the Money and Everything is Automatic. THEN followed by accoustic versions of Strange Days and True Love Will Find You In The End... And, as expected, Matt put on a terrific show...!!! Highlights for me included 'Champions of Nothing', which was a fantastic way of opening the show. What a GREAT song to hear live! I also really enjoyed the new full-band version of Apparitions and of course Weapon.
  12. Hey guys, One of my friends who's bought tickets to the show at Massey Hall can't make it anymore - They're a pair of tickets that's on the first row of the 2nd Balconey. If anyone is interested, let me know, and I'll put you in contact. Cheers, L.
  13. I'm in for that!!!!
  14. I'm sorry - I just got excited, and I'm not on the site 24/7, so if it's been on there for 6 hours, great. It doesn't make it any less awesome! L.
  15. I just read over on Matt's blog that he was 'contemplating' on recording the Massey Hall show for a live CD.... LIVE CD... OMFG. That is all
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