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  1. EdJim


    Add another one for Wil. Certainly earned the "Ibreakstrings" in his email addy. ;)
  2. EdJim


    Just gives me a hankering for a nice twinkie-weiner sandwich.
  3. I've never really said it about any band and meant it before, but I honestly can't choose. Despite constantly hearing otherwise, they've produced nothing but consistently wicked albums for me.
  4. Which part of "It's been far too long since anyone brought up this song, so LISTEN, IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!" don't you understand? Not to sound rude. rofl rofl rofl ROFFLE!1 And yeah, I've loved this cover since it was first brought to my attention. Ben's good shit.
  5. I have that DVD and I think the fact that his platform is moving is pretty well the only part of that drum solo that's actually noteable. Besides killing the double bass, s'just a run of the mill duggita, duggita, duggita. There's a fucking wicked Joey Jordison solo somewhere on my computer. S'just a rudimentary taping of him practicing but I used to fucking love it. Gotta find that again. As for the question, Neil Peart is and forever will be my hero behind a kit.
  6. I'm more the get on MSN drunk type. Every time I get online, it signs in automatically and people start talking at me. These people don't get hit on as much as they get told what I really think of them. ;)
  7. Why? Nothing happened. Exactly what I was thinking. I wouldn't even post it at any forums, lol. Last night, I could've either studyed for my Finance Final (coming up in about an hour) or I could've helped out at a Casino Night for some organization for $40. I think I made the right decision... but I'll only know for sure once I sit down at the exam. I don't think my $40 will help me there.
  8. I love the Grinch's theme song or most anything off of Gary Hoey's Ho-Ho-Hoey Album.
  9. EdJim


    Just did my Management Information Systems exam tonight! That was my easy one to ease me into the rest. Tomorrow's Business Law and then Saturday is Finance. Finance is the only one that scares the hell out of me because I just barely squeeked by on the Midterm. So I've never had an Exam have to mean this much before.
  10. EdJim

    X-box 360

    I JUST got Madden '06 for my PS2 and it's been the only game I've been interested in playing for AGES. This has been the first time that a slew of next-gen game systems has been coming out and I've not been interested in any of them.
  11. ;) School-reading really does ruin a book. The only two that I really didn't have ruined for me were The Mountain and the Valley (I think that's what it was called) and Hamlet. But I've loved Hamlet since the first time I read it, so there's not much that could change that. It took graduating to realize that Delong's a pretty effective teacher.
  12. My ex-girlfriend recommended that one for me to read and I've never finished a book quicker. It was great too. Even while reading it my first time through, I could tell it was one that'd be re-read eventually. Right now, I'm reading Harry Potter 4... It was supposed to be an "in-betweener"; a brainbreak from other books I've been reading lately. But it's taking me forever because of all the schoolwork that's crept up in the past few weeks.
  13. I actually find these hilarious to listen to. Is there anywhere to go online where you can download more?
  14. Eek, I forgot the black bar across my eyes!!! ;)
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