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  1. At some of the shows on this US tour the band actually has fun with each other onstage. Other times they barely say anything. Blake seems to always be a good watch. At the LA show he made a hole in his cymbol with a drumstick, and at the Phoenix show he kept laughing and smiling. Because it was so hot onstage he would act like he was melting into the wall behind him between songs. I think Matt should have Milos do his Borat impression to break the ice and get the band involved in the show.
  2. Was the ass rocking version!
  3. Phoenix show 3/16 I went to the venue early to see if there was anyone waiting. The doors didn't open until 7:30 and at 4:30 there were people in the parking lot. They were just waiting to see if Matt would sign some things. There was a guy who lives outside of Phoenix originally from Buffalo. We listened outside to the soundcheck. They played 4 songs. When the band came out after soundcheck I talked to Blake for a bit, then I talked to Matt. He said all the songs in the soundcheck would be in the show that night. I was excited since there were several that had not been played yet
  4. Dr. Dave, if you come to the Phoenix show and need a place to stay You are welcome to crash at my place. Anyone else from the board going to the Phoenix show? My friend Kimm who used to be on one of the older boards is going. I like seeing shows at the venue Matt is playing here.
  5. Trufflepigs I will buy the ticket from you if you still have. I will be flying in from Phoenix. Flight gets into Burbank airport around 5. Hope I can find an easy way to get to Hollywood from there. [hide_me]You can text or call me at 602-692-5203.[/hide_me] Andrew
  6. Noise Pollution had asked about merch being sold and I didn't see it in any threads yet. So here is what was being sold in Vancouver: $30 - T-shirts $20 - autographed Vancouver cd $30 - Vancouver vinyl $40 - soccer scarf $20 - autographed poster $15 - tote bag $ 5 - 4 pin set of Matt's art There was also a toque and hoodie but I didn't see how much they were. They do take debit or credit cards!
  7. I am flying into Vancouver for the show on the 10th. Was coming in with a friend who has backed out on me. I am selling my extra ticket. It is in the orchestra pit row B seat 55. The price of the ticket was 66.00 and will sell it for $55.00. I can meet up either the night before the show or the day of. I am going to the show and will be sitting right next to you. If interested e-mail me at usmgbfan@yahoo.com. Andrew
  8. zebrahead


    I think we will to the San Diego show. There is no guarantee that anyone who goes to SXSW will even get into the show. Besides San Diego is a lot closer to Phoenix than Austin.
  9. zebrahead


    This is from the City And Colour myspace page: City and Colour and Attack in Black SXSW Showcase Category: Music 15/03/2008 @ MOMOS 618 W. 6th Street Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78701 1) 8pm Spiral Beach 2) 9pm Hollerado 3) 10pm Matthew Good 4) 11pm Attack In Black 5) 12pm City and Colour 6) 1am Destroyer Matt has not put this up on his website yet and this was posted on the C&C site over a month ago. Anyone know if Matt will be on this showcase?
  10. I think it was at the book signing at Virgin that I met you guys. I was buying a shirt from a girl I think named Michelle.
  11. I flew up to Vancouver to buy IAC for me and my friends. I was pleasantly surprised that Matt mentioned my name on the Anti-Pop video.
  12. Just preorder it off of Amazon.ca don't try to import it from a US store. You'll get a better price from a Canadian site.
  13. I was looking on Ebay one day and they had a buy it now auction for only $19.00. I couldn't believe it. The listing said it still had 6 days 23 hours til auction end. Since it usually takes some time to get posted, I'm sure that the auction had just been added. I was just at the right place at the right time. I couldn't believe my luck. Yes...Hate me all you want. I would be hating you if you had lucked out and bought it first. I kinda feel sorry for the seller. He didn't even realize how much this thing sells for.
  14. Just bought Loser Anthems with the blue cover. How many of these were made?
  15. I was reading the bios on the contestants on Rock Star INXS. It says that JD was in a band in Canada for 4 years. Does anyone know the name of the band and if they ever released a cd?
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