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    Depleted Uranium has many good uses

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    I like casual walks.that end with running for home

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    I'll make a shoe horn out of your shin, i'll make a lampshape of durable skin. Don't you know that I'm always feeling able when I'm, sitting here, just carving out your naval. "shannon hoon"
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    Deep Six
  1. hmmm. I can't edit posts? oh well.... Underdogs and Apparitions are sold. Thanks
  2. sedated19


    I commited suicide on Facebook years ago... of course the page is never deleted, so I sometimes return to it just to delete old posts, friends and all remaining content.
  3. Hey all, I'm parting with some of my CD collection, mostly the CD's I don't listen to very often. Some of my MGB CD's should garner some special interest here. If you are particularily interested in one of these, please make an offer. Sorry for the crappy photo quality. IAWCC Single CD Loser Anthems Hello Time Bomb Single Apparitions single Load me up single Underdogs Pre-Release? Avalanche promo item Not MGB-Mad Season Live-very hard to find I also have STP B4. It is a canadian only pre-release to No4 Cheers!
  4. IAWCC has a big sound and always gets my attention. 1)In a world called catastrophe 2)Near Fantastica 3)Weapon 4)Avalanche 5)While we were hunting rabbits 6)Pledge of Allegiance 7)Long way down 8)Song for the girl 9)Lullaby for a new world order 10)21st Century 11)Bright end of nowhere 12)Double Life 13)House of smoke and mirrors
  5. Haven't listened to this album yet... thanks for the reminder. I find these guys very easy to listen to.
  6. I actually agree with this statement. They have set the bar for many bands, especially Canadian.
  7. Wilco-Whole Love The Barr Brothers Dan Mangan Yukon Blonde Big Wreck-Albatross Bruce Coburn-Small Source of Comfort
  8. I Miss New Wave and Vermillion. "...by a golf course that I've never been to...well it's not a real sport." Haha. And I LIKE golf
  9. Truffle pigs in my opinion is the best acoustic version of its original. Still I think the best acoustic song on that disc is Fine art of falling apart.
  10. I'm trying to get an idea of ticket availability for the kee to bala this sat., is anyone here holding extra tickets trying to be sold at the concert?
  11. I'm pretty sure the isolation song is by Matthew Sweet.
  12. I just listened to it again...It's been a while....very good music.
  13. Don't tell me how to make fun of you. And since when do emoers call other people fags. Calling the kettle a blackass eh?
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