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  1. How is there no right or wrong answer? This isn't preference we're debating, it's whether or not it should be allowed and why.
  2. You and science, cutie. You and science.
  3. Because you women don't like to argue.
  4. Too bad you're still both wing-bats, eh?
  5. It's an educated hypothesis based on brain and spinal development throughout the fetus' cycle. It's accepted within the medical world that something that only has a spiral cord and under-developed lower-brain material cannot perform upper-brain thoughts like comprehending one's mortality. Actually, the brain and spinal cord begin to develop as soon as 3 weeks. And I have no idea what "sensation of life" you're talking about. No, actually. The preservation of one's life isn't innate in creatures. The reflex to avoid pain is innate, but this is purely a lower-brain reflex meant t
  6. What do you mean how do I know a fetus, who's brain is not yet developed, has had no exposure to any emotional stimuli, and has no ability to comphrehend or make critical judgements, has no opinion as to whether or not it's alive? I'd say it's a damn good guess. It's brain structure suggests otherwise. It does actually, yeah.
  7. Assuming she's a veggie, no, she's not sentient. That's exactly it. She's brain dead. Stop keeping her body alive with machines, please. Assuming she is sentient, but in "so much pain" [why is she not kept sedated in this fantasy hospital?] she can't express her wish to live or die... It's a toss up. Really depends on the individual case's circumstances. A fetus doesn't have an opinion, and just can't give it. It's null, and might as well be in a vegitative state.
  8. But they have an opinion either way about their life ending. A fetus, a dog, and with further testing, even a newborn child probably doesn't.
  9. I barely consider a born baby sentient.
  10. I'll never understand why, even when admitting that their opinion is wrong or baseless, that people still struggle to hold on to it. Drop the pride. >:C
  11. If you can't explain why you have an opinion, why have it? Don't you think you should either try and explain it or dump it if it doesn't make sense?
  12. I don't consider people who disagree with me ignorant. I consider people ignorant if the sum of their argument amounts to, "Eww."
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