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  1. Munk

    I'm A Dad!

    People shouldn't be allowed to have children so easily.
  2. How the hell was that funny? >:C
  3. Munk


    Wow... 7 8, you fag
  4. The pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons are ass. I hate the Cube's, too.
  5. The thing's ugly as sin, and the fact that they no longer use the Dual Shock will stop me from buying it. I WILL NOT BUY IT W/O A DUAL SHOCK.
  6. Munk

    Hey Fuckers!

    I came from Kamloops. Ottawa is full of entertainment compared to Kamloops.
  7. Munk


    Mine's 4 years and running.
  8. How is there no right or wrong answer? This isn't preference we're debating, it's whether or not it should be allowed and why.
  9. You and science, cutie. You and science.
  10. Munk


    Didn't we do this like 3 months ago.
  11. Because you women don't like to argue.
  12. Munk


    My question is, who the fuck cares how clear you can hear your friends scream, "COME TO THE BAR! OK BI!" You're not listening to music through your phone.
  13. Too bad you're still both wing-bats, eh?
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