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  1. jamesg


    I think its a conspiracy, maybe someone wants you to hear MG at RadioShack. Perhaps its MG, perhaps its a record company, perhaps I am drunk.
  2. I am stuck on a cruise ship when I could be at the show
  3. and if ya stick around a day you can see twisted sister, lmaooooo, and a few days earlier the headpins, Darby Mills is the receptionist at my son's tea kwon do club, maybe i can hitch a ride with her
  4. that dictionary reference reads that vermillion is a hue, is that a color?, damn now i have to go read more definitions. Ok it seems that a hue is sorta a definition of color. ya learn sumthin every dang day!
  5. I was on right up against the left side stage barricade, with my 8 year-old son on my shoulders when they pulled that naked guy right past us. My wife tried to cover my son's eyes, we laughed sooo hard. My son told all his friends, teachers, my parents, he thinks it is funny. saw the naked chick too. what a learning experience for him!
  6. damn, i missed the new songs, my son was freezing and we had to drive back to Vernon right away, we kinda figured the set was done after the whole throwing issue, then a few more songs, they walked off stage, so we left, then heard music again about 10 mins later, but ya can't get back in, damn. My 8 year-old had a blast anyway. Anyone catch the Jen show in the bleachers?
  7. Matt said he was taking stage around six, so that is more like 6:30
  8. and did anyone see the matt good cd going for huge $$$$ on ebay?
  9. jamesg


    hey, i live in Vernon as well, freeride is my main thing, cross country skiing, but starting dh again next year (my son is into it now), boating, beaching, hiking, camping...all that is good in this world.
  10. it used to be linked, thats how i found it
  11. jamesg

    April 8th

    yup, but there is a map that shows the stage front is also part of the monor area, the drunk area is off to the side if the map i saw is correct. thanxs though, oh and any tips on where to park? i spose i'll just make my way to UBC and follow signs...
  12. jamesg

    April 8th

    the fair tickets page reads that no recording devices are allowed, yet how can they search 15000 drunks?? anyway, i am going,(with my wife and 8 year-old son) but will probably just take a dig cam.
  13. jamesg


    ok here's one, i can't find black bart anymore, anyone else find it?
  14. i don't like the direction this is taking
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