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  1. Indeed. I originally thought he debuted on July 21 but didn't realize until several years later that the character's first official appearance was in '97, not '98. So the 721 in the name should've really been 722. Maybe I should have registered under that name. :(
  2. So I listened to the online concert last Friday and was writing a review on my website... oh yeah, it can be found at https://www.blindluminations.com/streaming-through-the-side-door-my-review-of-matthew-goods-online-concert/ if you're interested. Anyway, in double-checking some stuff online, I came across the site and thought it might be fun to re-engage with the community here. I went to register my account... which is impossible without sighted assistance because of the captcha... just saying... you guys might wanna look into it. I thought it would be cool to make a grand entrance with my original username DudeLove721... only to find out it's already in use? The hell? So I'll be frank... I don't own a copyright on the name obviously and actually chose Ludicrosity upon registering here a long time ago. I don't remember why, but you can read me saying as much if you search for DudeLove721 in the forums. It's been so long that I might have even signed up as DudeLove721 before Ludicrosity, forgotten about it and just now realized there's a user with that name. My point is that I've been DudeLove721 on Lenard's Massage Board, I've been DudeLove721 on the Amusement Park Accident forums, I've been DudeLove721 on The Metro and even on Matt's site itself. My name is Marc, I've been a fan since '98ish, went blind, yada, yada... whatever It's me. What I'm asking though is: If the DudeLove721 account is mine and inactive, how can I get it back? If someone else is using my username... why did you steal it dude? That's kind of a dick move. (Oh and for those of you wondering why I don't use Ludicrosity, I don't have access to that e-mail anymore. Same goes for this DudeLove721 account if it's mine.) I know people may call BS on this since it's my first post or not care because they don't know who the fuck I am in the first place, but this is legit. I wouldn't create a podcast and website with a domain just to further legitimize my identity. Those who talked to DudeLove721 in the past know my story (i.e. going blind and all that stuff.) In closing, help make DudeLove721 great again... and um... let me become the President of Near Fantastica? No... just help me figure out this username thing... it'd be cool to know wtf is going on and get my MG community identity back if possible. Us SHOULDN'T remain impossible!
  3. It appears I can't edit my last post so here are some notes about last night's show: It may have just been me but I thought Alert Status Red was a tiny bit slower than usual… nothing that really changes the song at all but I remember thinking this at the time it was being played. Matt talked about his metal side-project (Pants Hammer) he mentioned on Facebook earlier in the day. Hilarity ensued, especially when someone in the crowd yelled out that he wanted to see (or hear) it. Matt responded that he did too and wished he could just stop the show to go work on it. Can't really do the banter justice here. I'm not sure if it was the smaller venue or what but Non-Populous sounded absolutely amazing. I heard it in person when Matt played in London on the Lights Of Endangered Species tour, but this blew that version away hands down. I think the arrangement is slightly different, it's still longer than the album version but the last guitar build-up didn't seem to be played quite like it was on the last tour. The guitar part after the first big solo and before the "into the wilderness" section was modified a bit too, which allowed the crowd to join-in with some claps… it's hard to describe but it created a neat effect. (I just remembered this last part this morning.) The crowd was really into Had It Coming. After the guitar solo, they added a part with just drums and the baseline pretty much. While this was happening, Matt got the crowd to sing the chorus -- it was really cool and added even more energy to the song. We're Long Gone is played in a different key live. Other than that, it's pretty much exactly the same as the studio version. Load Me Up always makes me think that it's going to morph into another song with the way the band jams in the middle -- last night's show was no exception. Crowd was really into this, as usual, and sang the MGM Grand verse. Apparitions was performed in a different key, at least from the album version. I know it's not the same key the Massey Hall version was in either but can't say 100% if he's performed it in this key before. It really stood out so I don't think he's done so at any of the shows I've been to. Aside from that, all of the songs sounded the same as they usually do live. It was a really great show, very loud and the crowd seemed to be into it. I was very pleased to hear Black Helicopter and I'm A Window as I wound up not being able to catch a full band show on the Hospital Music tour. Hopefully, Matt comes back to Windsor more often in the future!
  4. Here's the Windsor setlist, I'll edit this post with more information in the morning: Last Parade Alert Status Red Born Losers Non-Populous Had It Coming We're Long Gone Load Me Up The Future Is X-Rated Shallow's Low Black Helicopter Apparitions Weapon --- Giant I'm A Window Being blind, I did not record this show btw -- if anyone did, please PM me? :)
  5. Indeed I am! I'll probably be wearing a Matt Good t-shirt of some kind, although the whole being a blind guy at the concert will probably make me more noticeable than the shirt will. Things are good btw, just been really busy planning the wedding and looking at apartments in the area. It'd be awesome if you came and said hi tomorrow! How're things with you?
  6. Going to the Windsor show tomorrow and will try to remember the setlist to post here. Was there new merch on sale in Bala? A bit disappointed that it's somewhat of a greatest hits show but since they didn't rehearse together for tons of time, it's more than understandable. (And really... I can think of A LOT worse than a greatest hits show.) I was hoping to hear more of the new record since I don't think I'll be able to afford a trip/tickets on the fall tour (getting hitched in September) but oh well. I'm just hoping that it's a good crowd so that Matt comes back here more consistently. (It's been 13-years since he came here with MGB because Windsor sucks and has almost no decent venues -- London is usually the furthest bands/artists go when heading to southwestern Ontario.)
  7. Set Me On Fire was before Non-Populus in London. Other than that, the set is spot-on. I was away from home until now (actually travelled from Windsor to the show and spent an extra day to celebrate my anniversary with the fiancee) otherwise I would've commented here sooner. No VIP pass for me but the show itself was great. Some may bawk at him only playing 10 tracks in the main set, but since a lot of those songs are longer, it makes sense. I certainly didn't feel like I'd been ripped off anyway and I've grown a greater appreciation for the new album after hearing so many of its tracks live. Zero Orchestra and Set Me On Fire were the two highlights from the new record for me -- the latter actually silenced the entire crowd... I love it when Matt does that with the music. There seemed to be some drunk screamers, lots of "I love you Matt!" from men and women alike. The drug rant was pretty hillarious and was mostly light-hearted but it must've gotten on his nerves because it lasted for quite awhile. I was surprised with how crazy people went for Weapon. I know it's his biggest solo hit but that's the song that got EVERYONE standing and cheering hysterically... usually the MGB stuff does that more. While LMU and X-Rated got a huge response, I'd say Weapon got a bigger one. Hornets sounds amazing live and Rabbits was just awesome. I was actually pretty surprised at how good a crowd response Rabbits got. Despite being a non-single and just Matt with a piano, you could tell the audience was genuinely excited to hear it -- they knew how much of a live rarity it is. I knew Hornets wouldn't be the last song though, mainly because it's unreleased and it'd be weird to end a show that way. It was also the first show I've been to where he didn't play Hello Timebomb... and I didn't miss it at all. Was very surprised by Dan Wesley's opening set and enjoyed it a lot. Bought his latest CD today and am anxious to give it a serious listen. One last thing, I am not sure how the distribution system is these days for bootlegs or if fans still bootleg MG's shows. If anyone did tape the London gig though (as fans have in the past) could you please PM me? My apologies if I'm not following standard protocol here, it's been awhile. ;)
  8. I didn't read that dude's blog but I am confused... one of his tweets said he got kicked out of the MG show? Did he just not type properly or something?
  9. Good for Matt. There is no reason for that kind of disrespect at a show. Do people honestly believe that buying a ticket entitles them to treat the performer like they're a piece of shit or something? Seriously, people fucking scare me with their stupidity sometimes... I'd like to see what that little weenis would do if someone just randomly told him to shut the fuck up while he's talking to someone... he'd probably pee his pants and then go on his blog to write about it, trying to save face but not realizing that he really is a fucking douchebag. I get a bad feeling that Matt will be falsely villified for this in some circles but I think that ass got what he deserved. What the hell are Matt's live shows coming to? So many stupid incidents on this tour.
  10. The way the audience only stood up finally when he played LMU made me think they'd sit back down during Great Whales and I was shocked when they stayed up during Volcanoes. I am not saying this because they're bad songs, just saying it because they seemed like a bunch who were there for the singles. Gotta admit LMU sounded fantastic though... Last Parade really stuck out for me too... but I've already said my peace on the London show. Oh and whoever said Mother Mother is more intense live, they are absolutely right.
  11. Dude, you had better make it or else I may just lose all faith in humanity. I was seriously yelling at my computer and wanted to kick the dude who gave you wrong directions in the nuts when I read your story. Hopefully you have arrived in Kingston by now... good luck! We're cheering for you dude!
  12. Well just fyi, there was no song snippet in LMU at the London gig. He did a bit of different instrumentation after the guitar solo and I thought a song snippet was coming but he didn't sing anything and then went into the final verse. If he sang any snippet, I didn't hear it anyway.
  13. Yeah I picked up their second album at HMV today and still want to get their first. They're a pretty quirky sounding band and are really unlike anything out there right now. Only thing that even comes close to describing them is a non-synth drowned version of The Rentals maybe? Even that doesn't do them justice, the lead vocalist sounds nothing like Matt Sharpe.
  14. Yeah that post made me sad... although there seemed to be some odd ducks in London (like the couple making out and the dude from said couple who tried to jump the girl in her seat, according to my gf.) I really hope it wasn't people from the London show bitching like that because I thought that was a fantastic gig with a lot of energy... seemed like the crowd was into it. I'd hate it if he stopped coming to London too because as it is, we have to make a two hour trek up from Windsor to catch him. Well worth it but that's the closest he comes to around here. People are just ignorant though. I can't comprehend why they feel the need to insult someone due to a condition that's beyond his control. As a blind person I know what that shit is like and there's really never any reason for it -- it's really just a crutch for unintelligent people to rely on. Matt is better off losing "fans" who are that stupid and disrespectful as human beings in general... guess it's easy to throw stones from a distance though. It's still a fucking shame because that's shit that nobody should have to deal with, regardless. Oh and I forgot to mention, Mother Mother was pretty fantastic. Matt sure knows how to pick great opening bands. Lead singer seemed genuinely thankful to the great reception the audience gave the band by the end of their set. Their drummer can sure fucking play too... add this band to Dala who won me over after opening for MG... these guys have great harmonies too, something that is Dala's strong suit as well... Touch Up, a song from MM's first album, sounds absolutely awesome live too btw. It was the second last song in their set last night for those who were there.
  15. For accuracy's sake, here is the definite running order for the London setlist: On Nights Like Tonight Avalanche The Boy Who Could Explode Load Me Up Great Whales Of The Sea Volcanoes Hello Timebomb Born Losers Us Remains Impossible It's Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man Apparitions Weapon Giant Last Parade Empty's Theme Park I am blind but was there with my gf and have a few comments: I was one of the first to voice disappointment at the start of the tour over the MGB singles being played but now understand why: The audience was sitting up until Load Me Up but that song got everyone standing and pretty much everybody stayed up for the rest of the show, according to my girlfriend. I was surprised by It's Been Awhile... think this is the first time he's played that on this tour? I am a big fan of this song so its surprise inclusion made me happy... as soon as I heard that drum intro I was like "Holy shit!" Giant still sounds amazing, I will never get tired of hearing that tune live. Also I thought Last Parade had some tremendous energy and Matt really seemed to be getting into that one. Must be doing fairly well too, I thought I could hear the audience singing along... which they mostly only did for the singles like Weapon, Born Losers and the MGB stuff. Not to say they were unresponsive, I thought the other material certainly received warm receptions as well. Empty's Theme Park should always be played last and I honestly couldn't imagine it being anywhere else in the set... you have to hear it in person to understand what an absolute force the reworked version is. Also really liked the extended guitars at the end of Great Whales. Not sure if it was the same for everyone but Matt's vocals were drowned out by the band in the first couple of songs... finally heard full band Avalanche live though... very happy about that! On Nights Like Tonight is a great opener and really flows well into Avalanche too, they're like two kindred spirits. All the Vancouver songs translate really well live... Boy Who Could Explode, Empty's Theme Park, Last Parade and Great Whales were the album highlights for me... On Nights Like Tonight and Us Remains Impossible were really great too. Matt wasn't too chatty and I couldn't make out what he said when he addressed the audience... something about the rule at Centennial Hall being that 19+ had to b covered in KY or something... didn't totally understand so I am most likely getting it wrong... joked about the after show party too. Crowd was hot even though it sounded like there were some "special ones" there. Definitely some people who really thought they were awesome by screaming incoherently but there were also a lot of those pin drop, spine tingling moments with just Matt singing so I thought it was good. One girl shouted out, quite loudly, Primetime Deliverence right before Empty's Theme Park... there is no way Matt didn't hear it and I'm sure he was probably really impressed given his recent blog entry about requests being annoying. I know he's done it on past tours to several crowds but not sure if he is still doing it on this tour: After the show was done, people gave him a huge ovation and he stayed to face the crowd and applaud us. No matter how many times he does it, I always find it to be an extremely classy gesture on his part. All in all it was a great show, in my opinion. Maybe could've done without HTB but the crowd was into it so it's obviously a matter of personal opinion and it was still fun to sing along to. Best solo gig I've been to, by far.
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