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  1. I tend to agree with Daniel. I'm biased because I haven't liked an album since Vancouver, and even then there's like 4 songs on that album I dislike. I still try each new album though. So far I only dig the opener and Selling You My Heart. Selling You My Heart sounds like it could easily be from 15 years ago. Maybe I'm insane to even compare his new albums to Audio of Being or Avalanche. It'd be an incredible feat to top either of those. But I feel like his current style is freestyle poetry put to uninventive chord progressions. Everything before felt like painstakingly hand crafted melodies, with clever lyrics written to fit the melody. I queued up Boobytrapped and then On Nights Like Tonight from Vancouver. The latter is just so much more coherent, better mixed, better drumming, nice climax at the end, incredibly melodic. Meh, I'm probably just old, bitter, and grasping at the past. See you next album.
  2. I agree. Does he not give a fuck about melodies or interesting guitar riffs anymore? Or radio play? So weird.
  3. This is good news to me, as I really didn't enjoy your self-produced sound on the last record. Warne really gives your music a nice kick.
  4. I can't believe how bad the new album is. People without decades of music experience have made better albums in their bedroom on their computer. The chord progressions are boring as fuck. Hotel Knife and Suspended are basically the exact same thing. Really uninspired stuff here. For the parts of it I could stomach, I couldn't help but constantly thinking "THAT's the guitar tone you're going with on this one? Ew." I don't think I heard one good melody or something clever on the entire album. They really should have kept this to themselves. It's obvious that they didn't go back and listen to their old albums before writing/recording this one. Do they even remember the song "Drug Induced"? That's like Beethoven compared to this new stuff. The whole thing has a vibe of "Fuck it, let's just record this and release it for the hell of it."
  5. You're definitely not in the minority considering the amount of radio play and sales generated with his last two albums. It all feels very phoned-in to me. I guess when you're balancing 3 kids and mistresses you kind of have to phone it in.
  6. Just listened to Lesser Men and Non-Populous for the first time, I had never previously heard any new tracks since Vancouver. I'm a musician as well so I find that I'm a lot more critical of the chord progressions used and the style of his guitar playing. When Matt has no one else pushing is music in different directions he always seems to fall back on simply playing notes & chords because they're convenient-- Meaning he simply jumps from one chord to the next because it's easiest for the hand and fingers to jump to that chord (ie, going from G/F#/E, or F to Am) or solos using certain scales simply because the notes are close to one another. Non-Populous is horribly guilty of these habits. As soon as the guitar solo comes in at 2:10 he immediately goes straight into what he always does: E hammer-on F#, followed by the next highest string A hammer-on B, release and hit A. Transpose that into whatever key you want and you now have 99% of Matt Good guitar solos covered. Frankly, it's kind of insulting to his long-time fans who are expecting something a little more sophisticated and clever. He's clearly capable of writing insanely unique albums like White Light and Hospital Music so I'm not sure what the deal is.
  7. Yeah he really needs to learn some new strumming patterns & chord progressions, I was the biggest MG nerd up until Vancouver. First album of his I refused to purchase. Blech. So stale, so overused. If I hear the Apparitions strumming pattern or that G/F#/E walkdown one more time I swear. For me Mother Mother is currently the ingenious rock band that MG was 10 years ago.
  8. I'm actually hesitating at the purchase page... Remember back in the day when you could get into a show for $30 bucks all in? Maybe I should take the 100 bucks and take my girlfriend out for a nice dinner and a movie rather than making her listen to Apparitions live again... hahah. EDIT: I think it's cool that he's playing Abbotsford though, nice to see that he's purposely acknowledging the lower Fraser Valley even though it's only a 50 minute drive from the show in Van.
  9. I've seen the majority of Winnipeg shows over the last 6-7 years, and am now living in Vancouver. Kind of hesitating to buy tickets since the best that came up was row O or something. How many times do I need to see Apparitions and Hello Time Bomb live from 100 feet away while sitting? Mother Mother is very tempting though...
  10. Security? Anyone can record the sound coming out of their computer, bypassing any "security". The stream isn't encrypted anyways, so your point is moot. Also, Flash sucks.
  11. Does anyone else think of this every time they hear the "Downtown..." part of Vancouver National Anthem? Me neither.
  12. I tend to agree. Last Parade is just under 6 minutes. And I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of the song. The chord progression and instrumentation is a snooze fest. Compare it with the complexity of a single like IAWCC or even Alert Status Red and it's night and day really. I'm kind of surprised LP was chosen as a single, let alone the first one.
  13. Also, where the heck is Pete Yorn on this album?
  14. Thanks for taking the time to explain Matt. Too bad that people need art explained to them in the first place, but as an aspiring songwriter I appreciate the insights into your process regardless. The album is a fantastic piece of work. It's a more consistent album for sure, no blatant country or hard rock overtones or experimental genres. Although, I do hope in the future we will also see more adventurous albums like WLRRR. If there's one thing this album lacked, it's the fact that there wasn't a single song where I was like 'Wow, this is Matt Good?' But I can admit that the cohesiveness of the album explains the lack of something shocking. Any b-sides this time?
  15. Emu

    Winnipeg Show

    The "Idiot of the Night" award goes to the woman who shouted "PLAY SUBURBIA!" mere seconds after he just finished playing Suburbia. Outstanding.
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