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  1. I'm also interested in buying a copy of Avalanche on vinyl, if anyone has one they want to sell. I really shoulda bought one back in 2003. ;)
  2. If this isn't appropriate to be discussed (and I understand if it may not be) then that's totally fine. Anyway... I just saw this on the newly-redesigned iTunes Music Store under the review for Hospital Music: "... In the summer of 2006, following a divorce and a growing period of emotional instability, Good attempted suicide via an overdose of sleeping pills..." From what I've read/seen online, Matt has always been fairly open about the events which lead to his hospitalisation, and while I'm aware that he's said he overdosed on sleeping pills, I've never heard him or anyone else refer to it as a suicide attempt. ;) Can anyone else confirm if I'm remembering this correctly or not? If the information on the iTunes page is incorrect then I'd certainly like to make them aware of it. Many thanks in advance. :angry:
  3. Matt's site is now saying: So does that mean that any copies of the vinyl brought before the vinyl was first "sold out" will be signed?
  4. Being seven hours out of sync, I got up at 3am to order each. And they've just run out of autographed copies of the CD. I got mine just in time, but ouch - international shipping hurts on the vinyl. :angry: I never saw the postcard pack added to my order - did anyone else? I seem to recall that the pre-order links were up a couple of hours earlier on the day than they were for Live at Massey Hall. Anyways, it was worth getting up at 3 for too. ;) Now back to bed. :angry:
  5. The writing on Loser Anthems is about the only Japanese in that second video. The woman's speaking Chinese, yet strangely, addressing Matt in rather bad Japanese. ;)
  6. Very valid comments. I don't like the digicase - was expecting something closer to the In A Coma release, rather than just the CDs put into cardboard slots. It feels cheap. You're correct that the bass comes through well if you have a subwoofer. The internal speakers on your MacBook will give you virtually no bass, and depending on what sort of headphones you are using (hopefully not Apple's). And I agree, I don't like that it was editing for 'timing purposes.' Especially when there's there's room for 15 more minutes on the first disc, and 35 minutes on the second disc! What banter is included is great!!
  7. That's bizzare. I only paid $15 or so for shipping. I got good responses from Dayna Shiskos - dayna.shiskos@maplemusic.com . Might be worth emailing her.
  8. I've got mine already. And I'm much further away from Canada than you are. ;)
  9. From Hospital Music: "Jacket Artwork and Design by Jeremy Crowle" From Live At Massey Hall: "Art Direction: Matthew Good Art Design: Simon Paul and Garnet Armstrong"
  10. Does anyone know if there have been any reviews of Live at Massey Hall?
  11. Well, my CDs have been processed, but not shipped yet. It's a start I guess! ;)
  12. Overdone? Like a roast chicken?? ;)
  13. Cool, I thought that was the case. I'm emailed Maple Music about it, will let you all know what I hear back.
  14. Has anyone else got an email confirming shipping of the pre order from MapleMusic? I've just noticed that it's been a few days since the 4th, and I still haven't heard anything from them.
  15. The crackling will be due to scratches on your CD. Hyphnip - how used is your Underdogs CD?
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