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  1. It's not Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant. Him and Jimmy Page are integral to the band's sound. Even Page could maybe be replaced by someone who can play really well, but Plant's voice is so distinctive, I don't even think a good impression could cut it. Just look at Rush...


    Any band who tries to be the same band without their original singer is a joke. I love Zeppelin, but I would not support this. Shame on Plant for backing out when everyone else is up for it, but maybe protecting the legacy is the better route.

  2. I would say it's the best balance of production and content, #2.


    WTTNS has the ultra-slick production, but there are also mistakes in the mastering and a lot of intentional distortion which I don't think lends itself well to their type of music. It shows in the iTunes Live sessions, they're the same songs with the same arrangements but they sound so much better without the overproduction.


    #1 is very sparse, partially because of the songs themselves, partially from the mastering. I've heard the remastered ones and I prefer the originals, they have this feeling of such loneliness... it really feels as if you're there in whatever context the song puts you in.



    So anyway, I was looking for more Kary and came upon this:




    I've currently lost the ability to to rip streaming audio, but this is a start. If anyone has the time and setup to do it or has access to mp3s, sharing would be appreciated.


    So far I prefer the songs from Light, but these are still really good.

  3. Yeah, its a sad day in internet times when people can't voice their "useless" opinions without getting shit for it.


    On another note, is anyone hearing hints of Wintersleep in the group People In Planes? I'm just getting into them lately, and obviously they're more mainstream sounding but I swear their styles are pretty similar. The song "Flesh and Blood" off their new album perhaps? Maybe I'm just looking for something to fill the gap between releases.

    I guess I should check out People in Planes!


    Psh, who needs NF$ anyway? I've got over 2000 and don't even need any...


    As for the new album, you're not alone Shiri. I like most of the songs (including Oblivion), but it's just not the same as the last 2 albums. I love it, it's just not quite as good.


    I blame it on the production... the Live Sessions are the same songs but sound different, closer to the style from the first 2 albums, aside from the way he's singing now.

    But I'm not liking whomever they hired to do the mastering and stuff, he gave everything a weird reverb/distortion sound that's really different. Plus I can notice errors where one instrument will suddenly switch from one side of the stereo pan to the other for just a second or two, then go back. Stuff like that's not supposed to happen.

  4. They were Paul Murphy's original band, and helped found their now-defunct label Dependent Music. They had 2 albums I know of. The first is extremely hard to find, I have only been able to find someone who has it, but he won't be able to send it to me for several weeks as he has no internet access right now.


    The second, titled Light, is available on iTunes Canada (where I bought it), and Maple Music, where you can get mp3s or the actual CD, although I'm not sure if they ship overseas, I haven't checked...but I see the price is listed in Euros as well so that's a good sign. Last.fm also has a page for them where you can stream it.

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