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  1. Wintersleep - Live Sessions (iTunes exclusive) Hybrid - The Formula of Fear (download single...I only wanted one track)
  2. The kids are Ultra-Violent is the only song I like out of that bunch. I'm getting really sick of hearing Weighty Ghost all the time. It's a great song, but maybe they should promote another song too? I also tend to prefer them on record I think. On that note, did anyone else get the 'Live' Sessions off iTunes? I say that because it's not live per se like a concert, sounds more like a studio recording, but maybe they recorded it in one take as if it were live or something. Anyway, I love it. Some of the songs I like even more than the album versions. All of them are different in some
  3. I've heard individual tracks off them. I think the version of Slow Show I have is that one.
  4. I... kinda like Float On. Last album purchased was Hybrid's Soundsystem 01. Pretty sweet, looking forward to the next artist album.
  5. Radiohead - Morning Bell (Kid A Version) I hate the other version. Weird.
  6. While I think you need to develop more of a taste for beer (Guinness is indeed one of the finer things in life, but it's not the only great beer), who gives a shit what you drink? If there's booze in it and you like it, drink it. My one friend has a thing for girly cocktails, yet none thought he was less a man for it. If people are going to be dicks (rather than poking fun) just put it in a cup as suggested.
  7. Various tracks by M.I.A. For the longest time I was put off by her singing style/image whatever, but a song caught my attention and she's got some pretty good stuff. A lot of the lyrical content is some pretty interesting social commentary. Plus the music style is really cool & catchy.
  8. I doubt he'll serve jailtime, Pete Doherty did what, a month? And that guy's stoned out of his head 90% of the time. The weed isn't really suprising, but the cocain is for sure. Kind of sad to hear.
  9. Yeah, you got a good point there about it being better than a lot of the crap out there, but screaming just doesn't sound very...musical to me, that's all. Personal preference I suppose. Which would also explain why the dulcet tones of our fine young makeup-caked friend in Tokio Hotel are actually getting played...maybe SOMEONE out there likes it... who and where and why I don't know, but it can't all be record-label marketing...can it?
  10. Same here, if some kind soul's got a nicely-recorded, possibly-mastered version, I'd be muchly grateful.
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