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  1. My ex girlfriend had the cd. She was ass. Was that the band with the older-looking guy with platinum-coloured hair and every song was about how his Dad left him? That would be them, and the reason I never really liked them. They had some catchy songs...but not really my thing. Hey, hey...whatever happened to Journey? ;) lol no I don't really care.
  2. The only show worth watching on Much these days is The Wedge. The New Music is just for whatever shit is new and "popular". I honestly don't know how that crap gets on TV. Must be the record labels. Same with those damn screamo bands like Cancer Bats. I honestly don't know why someone would want to listen to that.
  3. I thought it being about cancer was pretty certain from the first time we heard the demo. Who knew.
  4. Bloc Party's kinda....not much better. Sorry lol Yeah I hate this band too. Seriously, dudes who look like a lady went out of style with Aerosmith. Stupid emo kids.
  5. The Acorn - Glory Hope Mountain Promptly returned, as my online preview proved it was too boring to be worth $10.
  6. I was busy this past weekend: Yasunori Mitsuda - Xenosaga I OST Yuki Kajiura - Xenosaga II & III OSTs The Acorn - Glory Hope Mountain Beirut Discography Great Lake Swimmers Discography Chromeo - Fancy Footwork Calvin Harris - I Created Disco Mono (Japan) Discography
  7. Chromeo - She's in Control & Fancy Footwork, full albums Fancy Footwork is a way better album. Lyrics are hilarious, music is the most cheesy, cliched 80s thing I've ever heard...it's great! Also Calvin Harris whose song "Acceptable in the 80s" is in a recent iPod Commercial, and a bit of Cicada.
  8. It was pretty heartwarming to read. I guess he just wasn't feeling too great at the time, understandably. It's good to hear he's being so positive about things now.
  9. lol Well f***. After all the shit-talking I did about how their 3rd album sucked and I'm tired of them... well I listened to the new one online and I actually kinda like it. I might even buy it after I give it a couple more listens to make sure.
  10. The chick looks like my ex-girlfriend. That's it for them, I'm not even going to bother checking out their music.
  11. That's kind of pointless then. I haven't really enjoyed a Weezer album since Pinkerton. Green had a few good hits, but after Maladroit's 1 good song, and hearing the crap that was Beverly Hills, I haven't really bothered even listening. I used to love them a lot, still love a lot of the old songs, but I think they've lost it.
  12. Jesus, you just ruined pickles for me.
  13. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that he did sign my ticket and let us take pictures with him. His fans are pretty lucky to get that.
  14. A bunch of Bedouin Soundclash. I might need to get their latest album, I'm enjoying their sound a lot.
  15. Recently listened to BNL's Snack Time. Despite being a kid's album, I really enjoyed it, the music is great.
  16. Hmm, that's nice of him. He came off a lot less outgoing when I met him, but I think he was pretty tired that night. And most of us were dudes.
  17. They're pretty big up here, I'm surprised you hadn't heard of them. So far the songs I like the most are "Ageless Beauty" and "Your Ex-Love Is Dead". A lot of their stuff doesn't really fit my style but some songs are just beautiful. Haven't downloaded anything since the last time...
  18. Yeah, but I hate it more with Coldplay because there's no lyrical content. And I meant to say "It's not cool."
  19. I still haven't heard most of it, but the ones I've heard are mixed for me too. I'm really choked I have to miss Constantines with Ladyhawk this year...because I'm seeing Matt Good. Oh well, I mainly wanted to see Ladyhawk and I'm sure they'll both be back anyway.
  20. I'm kind of tired with Coldplay...the guy isn't very creative with his lyrics and does the same long, drawn-out syllables when he sings, like he can't think up enough words to fill up the line, so he stretches each one out to fill in the gaps. It's cool. I liked the first couple albums too, but now it's just the same old thing over and over.
  21. Cool, I'll have to check it out then. I'm not a fan of Hard Feelings either but I did like Tournament of Hearts. At least I know it's worth a listen.
  22. I imagine Apocalyptica's would be similar to Rasputina's.
  23. How was it compared to the previous albums? From what I've heard I'm not liking it much, but it's proving difficult to find more than a couple songs online.
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