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  1. I'm going. I hope their T-shirts cost less than $30.
  2. I actually still prefer Gimme Fiction, but Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is a close second.
  3. Harsh, MG lost to THEM? Sweet, which one did Wintersleep win?
  4. Now I get it! Edit: Frick, I've got it stuck in my head and the volume was muted!
  5. That's old hat. I'm all about the Justice now. Kidding, I love MSTRKRFT. They're more popular than you might know. Work On You, Paris & Street Justice are my favorites. Last track I downloaded was: Tegan & Sara - Walking With A Ghost It was stuck in my head... they usually annoy me, but the White Stripes version just isn't as catchy.
  6. I like the one with the both of them.
  7. Don't insult the Beatles that way. ;) I haven't downloaded anything since the last time...
  8. Probably ain't got nothing on Vancouver.
  9. Your mom is punk. Seriously though, to me punk is the genre of music and the outlooks/views/behavior associated with it. Therefore, Sid Vicious.
  10. Haha, oh well in that case I'm sure you'll be fine.
  11. Haha, in Vancouver it is a bit sketchy. There was a sizeable group of fans when I was there though, so it was all good.
  12. Ladyhawk-Ladyhawk Took awhile to decide between this or the new one, figured if I like this one I'll probably like the new one even more. Good stuff.
  13. Something from Ladyhawk I think. Liked it so much, I promptly bought the album.
  14. Hah, no secret really, I guess I'm not as much of a fan of him as I used to be when I was younger. My view of him has changed, is all. Still makes great music though. And yes, pictures should be fairly easy to get. If you can wait long enough in the alleyway behind the venue, he'll probably show up.
  15. I got my ticket signed for the Nothing Left to Hide tour. I should've been more excited than I was. Years ago I would've been really stoked, but knowing the things I do now, I guess it wasn't that big of a deal. That said, I'm mildly excited for this tour because I'm pretty sure it will be better.
  16. We paid a lot for Foo Fighters, but hopefully it should be a good show.
  17. I know, don't you just hate it? Thankfully, not all BC music sounds like Nickelback. I guess if you want to be technical, they opened for the opener for Holy Fuck. I'm not sure if Holy Fuck even knew who they were. But I thought they were better than A Place To Bury Strangers.
  18. The Clips I saw these guys opening for Holy Fuck the other day, thought I'd share. They're pretty good, kind of upbeat piano/synth/guitar-based rock. The singer sounds kind of like the guy from the Cure, Thom Yorke, and that kid Bright Eyes. Cheesy album art, but the music is cool.
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