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  1. I agree his lyrics aren't the greatest, but then neither are Coldplay's, and they got pretty popular. Dallas Green's got a nice voice and it's a pretty enjoyable listen. I wish the mastering sounded better though, his stuff always sounds so tinny or something. I like a bunch of the songs off the new album, maybe not enough to listen regularly but there's some good stuff on there. I'm enjoying the extra instruments, I find it hard to sit through an album of just acoustic guitars... hah, and that includes MG's Rooms.
  2. Holy Fuck is pretty close to instrumental, aside from some incoherent vocal yelps. Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor are good for sure.
  3. PM Please? About Vancouver, it's great city but it does have a lot of problems. I still love living here.
  4. Hmm, interesting to hear. I might just check it out. Like most, I was a little disappointed with Amputechture. In general they do tend to make a lot of songs that aren't very listenable, so it's good to hear they might be getting better with that.
  5. Pride Tiger's from Vancouver. I hope MG wins, but it'll probably go to Sum 41. If not, maybe Pride Tiger.
  6. I'm pretty late to the boat. Maybe Tracy has it...
  7. So what's 'approved' attire for attending a Tool show, might I ask? 'Metal' hair, black wide-leg jeans, and approved metal band t-shirts? The last album seems nearly as good as Lateralus to me. But maybe that's just me.
  8. ^Cool. Now I'm looking forward to their next album, however far off that may be.
  9. I liked the whole world music/rock fusion thing they had going for awhile, and the darker poetic lyrics and such. I picked up their Greatest Hits, and it satisfies enough. Temptation is still a sweet, sweet song. Now I want to listen.
  10. Hmm. I was not aware of this. I was big into TMV a couple years back, and was really excited for Amputechture. There are a couple good songs on it, but not as many as on the first two. I find I can only tolerate the band in small doses. I guess I like my music more traditionally melodic. Edit: I meant to say, it will be interesting to see how this next one turns out. I won't be rushing to go out and buy it, but I'm interested.
  11. Almost every song. It was great. I actually like the first two albums more, I enjoyed the more intimate and minimal sound. There was more subltety before, now they're full-on rock, which is good, but I miss the quieter stuff. It sounds a bit over-produced as well, with some sloppily-done effects, but there are some amazing songs, so I can forgive all that. I still listen to Weighty Ghost sometimes, but I don't really like the new arrangement either. Miasmal Smoke and the Yellow Bellied Freaks, Drunk on Aluminum, Search Party, and Oblivion are my favorites. Especially Miasmal Sm
  12. Maybe someday they'll be big enough to go overseas (they might have been to Europe?? I'm not sure), or you'll be in North America at the right time. Honestly I was slightly disappointed with the show I saw, but I think I just had big expectations or wasn't in the best of moods that night. Don't get me wrong, they put on a great performance but for some reason I wasn't feeling it. Maybe this time will be different.
  13. They're going on tour, and will be playing Vancouver on Friday, November 2nd. Tickets at Ticketmaster.ca
  14. Most of them, I'm sure. I'm going to wait and see if they actually release a CD. If not, I'm going to be disappointed. I hope music never goes online-only.
  15. It's sort of a messenger bag... it's like a tote bag with a messenger-style strap. There's no flap, the strap is not adjustable, and it closes with a small strip of velcro at the top. Made of nylon weave sort of material. It's very simple, but only $20, and guys could pull it off.
  16. I prefer this year's stuff. I might be wrong, but you may still be able to find the Acoustic Tour merch on MapleMusic.com.
  17. Ha, you guys suck, hearing it already! ;) I was just about to post a link to the teaser on their site. Well whatever, glad to hear it's awesome, but I'll wait till the release to get it.
  18. He really made us work for the first one, my arms were killing me! Yeah it was a good show. He didn't really seem drunk to me, maybe a bit buzzed but I think that's all. I think he's just comfortable enough to screw up and not really care. It's cool, more relaxed that way.
  19. I thought the sweater/jacket was $65. I didn't really like the material it was made of, it wasn't AA.
  20. Did anyone take a good look at the swag? I'm trying to figure out if that bag is a messenger bag so I can decide whether to get my hopes up.
  21. "How Are You Gonna Lie?", "Archaeologist", and "Weighty Ghost" were standouts to me, however the latter is very different in its album form.
  22. So do I. I've read the new album is going to be as different from the last album as that album was from the first. So hopefully it's still the Wintersleep I love. They've added some album artwork to the site, which confirms that some (if not all) of the previously heard live songs will appear on the album. Also, this video (if you haven't already seen it), contains previews of a lot of tracks from the album. I really like the last one they use. Some of it sounds a bit more like Paul Murphy's old band Kary.
  23. Loel emailed me the other day, and said the way they played Weighty Ghost live just didn't sound good in a recording, and this version fits in better with the rest of the new album. So we shall see how it sounds. I don't like the version of the song as much, but I'm still very hopeful for the album. He also joked that maybe an older version of the song could make it on their b-sides in 2015.
  24. Wintersleep has a new album coming out in early October, titled "Welcome to the Night Sky". They've revamped their website, but there's not too much there yet, aside from a nearly hidden blog, and a preview track, Weighty Ghost, which has been fairly drastically reworked from its previous live incarnations (which I personally prefer). As well, bassist Jud Haynes has left the band amicably to pursue other things, replaced by Michael Bigalow. Jud will continue to work with the band from behind the scenes.
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