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  1. Aww, damn, this forum doesn't have that awesome head-exploding smiley. ;)
  2. Hehe, I have my sources. ;) Google, my friend. Seriously, I just found a streaming concert online, recorded the audio, and split up the tracks. Simple as that. Glad I could be of service.
  3. I'm double-posting, so what. ;) This is for all y'all (mrjones) who've been looking for this song: Weighty Ghost (Live in Moncton)
  4. Alrighty then, any other requests while I'm at it? And if I'm understanding correctly, I'll need your email to send it to? Edit: Hooverphonic - Eden Sad song, memories with that one.
  5. Haha, second that! Naveed's a good song, especially on the live CD. What're you talking about? ;) Yeah, that list isn't the greatest, but you know how people are these days...
  6. In general college stations play stuff I like more than mainstream ones. San Diego had some really sweet stations, so does San Fran (though not college I think). Why is Canada so cursed with bad radio?
  7. Oh they rock so much I want to cut myself. Yay teen angst! I don't hate all rap but I really despise the "I'm the shit" mentality of a lot of these guys. And why not rap about something meaningful instead of bling and bitches? Hmm... just checked and I can't pick up the Zone. Too bad, sounds like a station I'd like.
  8. I see you've got some Wintersleep live stuff. I've been trying to find myself a copy of Weighty Ghost for a while now. If you've got a decent version of it or even any good live recordings can you put it in a YouSendIt for me? That would be wicked. So good infact, it would probably throw me into a fit of dry humping that wouldn't wear off for weeks. :angry: The Constantines - Little Instrument Haha, I'd be glad to, I spent a couple hours this morning cutting that concert into individual tracks. Just keep the dry humping to yourself please. ;) However, I don't know how YouSendIt works.... I have two versions, the Moncton one's a lot better for sound quality.
  9. Yeah, I liked Franz Ferdinand at first but now I'm sick of them. Their second album pretty much sucked. I'll still listen to Take Me Out though. I guess we're talking about bands huh, not rap artists? Cuz there's a few I could go on about... Let's see... Papa Roach. In fact, any band whose sole basis of music is how daddy wronged them and messed up their lives forever. I'm bloody sick of teen angst.
  10. I haven't heard that song in ages. It's a good one though. Did they have any other good stuff?
  11. I find the Fox doesn't play much good stuff. I wish we had a college radio station, even Calgary does...
  12. Oh man. Have you heard much Zeppelin? I know people get sick of Stairway to Heaven. But maybe it's just not your thing. They're one of my most favorite bands. Well this question's easy to answer for me: Nickelback. I hate the grating, whiny monotone of his voice, the shitty chugging guitars and trashy lyrics. And of course, the fact that every single they put out sounds the same. It's a shame they're the face of Canadian rock.
  13. Yep, I checked scratch (cute girl working at the counter, maybe I should go more often!), and called Zulu and Red Cat. Nothing. They're just too new, I don't know if they're even signed yet.
  14. I dunno, that one track is really awesome, I've heard some other tracks which aren't as amazing, but good nonetheless. So far they're not as good as Constantines & Wintersleep but they do have a similar sound at least. Yeah this stuff definitely grows on you, I didn't really like the Constantine at first but after a few listens they're great.
  15. Then you'll like The Raconteurs. The only similarity is of course the singing because it's Jack White, and a little of the guitar playing. Everything else is way better. Go to hype.non-standard.net and do a search for The Raconteurs. You need flash. You'll get a nice list of streaming audio. This site comes in handy for a lot of bands as it collects audio that has been posted all over the net. Oh, if you get any that sound chipmunky, don't worry, that's an error in the player, not the way the song sounds.
  16. I find that to be the sweetest thing he could do for a fan. That's really kind of him. Did you take him up on the offer? I did actually, it was interesting. I felt like a cancer patient or something, I've been playing guitar and performing for a few years so he went over some of the equipment and this was about the time I was getting into his writing and was interested in becoming a journalist so we talked about the things he was writing about at the time, and then I took off since I had to be out of there at a certain point in time. Wow, that's pretty awesome. I'd like to meet the guy, he seems really cool, but I honestly don't know what I'd say to him. I'd just be like every other boring fan out there, going "I really love this song..." and whatnot.
  17. Hey guys, anybody heard of this band? Hailing from Toronto/Montreal, they have a similar sound to other Canadian acts such as Constantines and Wintersleep, with a healthy dose of old-school U2, and some might say early Cure. Check them out here, Ceremony In The Basement is one amazing standout track! http://www.myspace.com/killthelightsband http://www.killthelights.ca/ Now here's my question. Their debut CD is available on MapleMusic, but I don't have a credit card. Anybody know where I can pick up a copy either in person (I'm in Vancouver) or Paypal online? Or if all else fails, anyone willing to help me out and send a copy my way?
  18. ^ Yeah, I bought it after I made that post and it is definitely worth it to me! A lot of songs have the same kind of feel as Steady As She Goes... hmm, how to explain. There is some Stripes sound in there due to Jack White but it's definitely different. They also don't just come off as some retro-rock-wannabe band, they have their own sound. Probably 3/4 of the songs are really awesome while the rest are still pretty darn cool. Not a bad one on the disc, I recommend buying it.
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