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  1. I'm currently listening to 'Can't Get Shot In The Back' from The Uninvited Guest radio session thingy, and I really like the song. Anyone know if it be appearing on the next album? I hope so.
  2. Did I miss all the Van shows? If no, when & where is the next one?
  3. Damn.... this would've been my first MG show, after missing countless ones due to work... but my girlfriend asked a bunch of people too and they said she'd be ID'd for sure. I don't want to just go alone even if I have been waiting for this. I guess I'll have to wait until the next album...
  4. Now that would be cool. However, I have absolutely no idea what the Ladies and Gentlemen sound like.
  5. Cool, thanks, we'll give it a try.
  6. I like it. The only ones I don't like are when he messes too much with the tune: Hello Time Bomb and Prime Time Deliverance.
  7. Yeah it throws me off too. But since it and Hello Time Bomb are the only two not-so-good songs in Rooms, I can deal with it. Some of the others are just so great.
  8. I dunno where else to ask this... my girlfriend is 18, just one year too young to drink in BC for those who don't know. What are the chances she'll be let into the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on November 5th?
  9. Holy crap, this means he's back? Awesome, I was so disappointed to hear the news awhile back that he might have been quitting. Now I can fulfil my dream of seeing him live.
  10. What, Loser Anthems isn't a choice? Well, then I enjoy listening to WLRRR the most lately. Underdogs is very good though .
  11. Well I haven't exactly been looking for it, but I know I've seen it at least in the last few months at the regular chain stores... HMV, Music World, A&B Sound, etc.
  12. somnambulist


    Pardon me for being stupid, but what are these NF$ for?
  13. Jesus, you guys... it's still available in some stores for its original price. It's awesome, but 62 bucks? That's crazy! Heh, easy for me to say, I got it when I first heard Flashdance II...
  14. I went to Matt's site today, to discover it's no longer up. The message posted there was not promising. I hope he has not decided to stop making music. He is my favorite rock artist, and it's so good to hear someone with an actual opinion, with meaningful lyrics rather than someone who is just manufactured to make money. I've liked his music almost since the beginning, and bought every album. To me, if Matt Good stopped making music, that would be the equivalent of someone else's favorite rock band breaking up, or the members dying, never to play again. Given the circumstances, I understand how he must feel. To listen to people ridicule you every day, especially when they don't even know you, wears upon a person. I know this from experience... And just because he is in the public eye does not mean it should be expected. He deserves as much common decency as anyone else. You would not expect to go walking down the street and be called names... but that the same is what he has been enduring. I grew up in the Okanagan. I had heard that he came to play in Vernon, and someone in the crowd decided to throw a water bottle at him. That's utterly disgusting. Why would someone even bother to come to his show if they didn't like him? That kind of thing hurts, no matter how much you just try to shrug it off. I wonder how many people have had some random person come up to them in the mall or at school or something and call them names... I have, and it hurts, and after so many times, it's hard to just go on and try to live happily. Anyway, the point of this is, I understand, and hope that getting out of the spotlight will help him. I also hope that if he still likes making music, he will continue. If he has decided it is no longer his desire, then I wish him the best in all his future endeavors, and will always consider him one of my favorite artists.
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