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  1. This depresses me more than you can imagine... A microwave is on the list of common household goods I lack.
  2. I don't have one of those either. ;) Please don't make me think about my fridge...
  3. What's with the blue Loser Anthems?
  4. I think he liked your geektalk AKA extensive computer knowledge.
  5. Some days I wish I had a toaster...
  6. Hmm. You're probably right. It's been years since I used a mac...
  7. Apparently, Macs don't really have problems with Viruses and Ad/Spyware. So I've heard...
  8. And as long as you know it's made from canola and/or sunflower and/or vegetable oil as opposed to petroleum by-product, you're good! ;) Cottage cheese does so taste like cheese. You know what cheese looks like before they salt it & squeeze it into blocks? Cottage cheese. So there. I want some effin' cheeze whiz on toast.
  9. But tastes oh so much more pleasant! XD And no, my mom never did. She was sparing with her cheese, sadly. We were deprived children.
  10. Only thing that goes near my cottage cheese is salt.
  11. It sounds kind of weird but I like them both on their own. How about cottage cheese with fruit? Now that's a weird one.
  12. MON-FRI 9-5 GO TO RECEPTION AND HAVE ANOL hehehehe, that's almost dirty... ;)
  13. And fighter jets. Oh wait, UFOs! Those are totally the coolest. Edit: Okay, besides X-Wings.
  14. Except for the sardines, I would agree. I pretty much love anything pickled....onions, olives, peppers...uh...anything! Oh yeah, and carrots!
  15. You forgot bikes and skateboards. ;)
  16. Ugh. People, Margarine is made from VEGETABLE oil, not petroleum. Jeezus. I want some pickled beets. And as much as I love chinese food, quite a bit of it is a little too weird for my recoverin -vegetarianism.
  17. I don't even know where I stand... Post count is pretty inconsequential to me. Indeed, this place helps to pass the time... or distracts me from my work.
  18. Seriously? Damn that sucks... Ticketmaster never asked for any id, but the venue probably will. Damn that's harsh. Well hopefully next time you can!
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