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  1. The rooms Version of north american for life sucked bad.
  2. "There ain't nobody screaming out For you to come inside and eat you're just holding your friends and watching them bleed." could swear I hear something else ;) Are these the correct lyrics to a silent army in the trees. Are the lyrics written on the cd jacket or anything? Also pondering on is it "kicking in teeth and wishing it dreams"... I did the basic google search and these are the lyrics I get. Let me know what you think.
  3. I am just wondering if anyone knows an alternate site to read the old things that matt used to put on his site in the late 90's and 00`s. I think he used to call them manifestos and they ended up in the book at last theres nothing left to say. I thought I found them once on nearfantastica.com but can't seem to find them. They are on his site but the format of some of them is messed up. Any ideas anyone?
  4. 1) The Vancouver National Anthem ---> does it even stand a chance? 2) The Rat Who Would Be King 3) Born to Kill 4) Man of Action 5) Giant 6) Avalanche
  5. No dislike from me either, this is one of my fav songs.
  6. 1) Near Fantastica 2) Born Losers 3) The Fine Art of Falling Apart 4) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 5) Suburbia 6) Sort of Protest Song
  7. 1) 99% Of Us Is Failure 2) A Long Way Down 3) Advertising on Police Cars 4)The Future Is X-Rated 5) Man of Action 6) The Vancouver National Anthem 7) Giant 8) Blue Skies Over Bad Lands 9) The Rat Who Would Be King
  8. round 1 F 1) Advertising on Police Cars 2) A Long Way Down 3) Vermillion 4) The Rat Who Would Be King 5) The Inescapable Us 6) Blue Skies Over Bad Lands 7) Annabelle 8) Hello Time Bomb 9) North American For Life ps. number 8 was an easy one, hello time bomb from rooms is my least favourite MG(B) song of all time. And as i look to see who agrees i think there is only one vote for htb rooms version. I surely hope its life in this competition is short lived
  9. Kelowna show cancelled. No show bc interior. That is not good news, everytime he tours he goes somewhere in the interior. I wonder what the deal is.
  10. Awesome, thanks a lot. I went swimming in that water just north of the golden gate in may.
  11. So i am just wondering if anyone knows where Marin is? I know there are a few in the world and i figured someone might know.
  12. does anybody think that it might be the deficit rose instead of the deficit rolls. because it says the defecit rose built up i suppose. so that rhymes with suppose better and it makes more sense because if it rose then that means it built up like it says in the next line. i think its about a guy going to war.
  13. "sometimes the rules can become walls" My new favourite matthew good quote!
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