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  1. [hide_me] Once Soundtrack[/hide_me] Anybody have any Dan Bern? <3
  2. Hey Cats & Kittens, Been gone a while ;) Anybody have any ideas (or dl links would be even better) of some awesome Post Rock? I'm just getting into it. Mostly looking for stuff that isn't too dark or heavy. Right now I'm into the Album Leaf, El Ten Eleven, Explosions in the Sky Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Mercury Program, Mono, Sigur Ros, & This Will Destroy You. Any ideas? Thanks in advance :angry:
  3. There's been a really nasty flu going around SoCal... Most everyone I know has got it, and one of my moms friends died from complications from it... I just hope he takes care of himself ;)
  4. I'd much rather he keep working on new stuff rather than revisit old stuff.
  5. Mine doesn't... plus it wouldn't have helped me, cause I forgot to take my phone ;)
  6. I know... I found out when I drove the 150 miles to the venue and there was a note on the door ;) I hope he gets well, and I'm glad I got to see the awesome LA show
  7. Ah! I'm going to the show tomorrow & heading down to the San Diego show on Wednesday! So thrilled!
  8. Both times I saw him there, there were drunk people right next to me... which sucked... But he put on a hell of a show, and I flew 3000 miles to see him do so, so fuck the annoying people...
  9. Thanks Beth! As always, you rock ;) The Format - Dog Problem The Format - Interventions & Lullabies
  10. it probably won't escape... but that's okay. It's best if the water doesn't touch the bowl, but don't worry about messing up... it'll be okay ;)
  11. more great annie leibowitz... I love the seth rogen one ;) I know a lot of people won't consider it art, but I adore Sam Brown This is my favorite by him... "it is a wonderful world"
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