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  1. hey guys, sorry if this has already been mentioned, but does this tour include a band? i didn't see anything about that on his site, so just want to double check. thanks in advance!
  2. just got three tickets for the NY show. i wonder if it'll be any different than seeing a show in canada.
  3. avalanche is my favourite mg cd, but i wouldn't say hospital music is WORSE.. maybe i just don't like the wording.
  4. love alexis, and i love city and colour. i agree that much of the songs on Sometimes sound alike, so of course he could stand to grow as an artist, but i look forward to that. he has a gorgeous voice.
  5. boo! you gotta have more than 4 questions!
  6. that's actually really nice. i like how uncluttered and simple it is.
  7. i agree with you, one hundred percent. and here i thought i would be burned at the steak for saying that. we'll burn together.
  8. i need my inhaler, i'm laughing so hard! edit: there was a show KINDA like that, except everyone on the show had different emotional problems. it was called Starting Over. as for the fat people losing weight show.. there's a ton of them. taking it off, keeping it off, the biggest loser, etc etc. i'm guilty of occassionally watching them, only because they inspire me to keep to my diet. and because watching them cry over cupcakes is funny.
  9. lol* i loved all those ridiculous over-the-top batman flicks until i read the comics. then they were just embarassing. batman begins is probably the ONLY batman movie that's registered on my radar. the only things bad about that movie were katie holmes and the death of bruce's parents scene.
  10. pm me your email address if you still need the song.
  11. why the fuck does everyone here have to be so snarky all the time? it's not even mildly amusing. all the guy is asking for is for people to share what they think the song is about. jesus christ.
  12. i've been meaning to order a copy of O for the longest time, and i agree, 'i remember' is amazing. her voice is gorgeous, and the part where the song kicks up a notch is great.
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