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  1. I like the one who falls asleep all the time.
  2. That outta make for an Oscar win.
  3. It's amazing how well this movie looks after 20 years.
  4. You have to love Frank Miller's work.
  5. Looking forward to this one.
  6. #2 is one of my all time favourite flicks.
  7. Really well filmed. Love Michael Mann stuff.
  8. Saw Age blow Sloan off the stage one night. A Great band were they.
  9. Met him a few years ago when I was visiting his manager who was a friend of mine.
  10. No Problem. Will keep looking. Thanks.
  11. Pretty New to the Group. I was wondering if anyone can email me the song "Downloading Blues"? I would really appreciate it. Please use: rosengoo@hotmail.com Thanks.
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