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  1. hey there, just got back from the Matt Good show in Vancouver at the Orpheum. I got the setlist from the soundboard guy. It was a solid 2-hour show and I was happy to hear some older tunes like Everything is Automatic, Avalanche, Blue Skies Over Badlands and Weapon. For a while there I thought Matt might just play the entire "Hospital Music"; Black Helicopter and 99% of Us is Failure were my favourites live from that album. And maybe it was just me but I wasn't too keen on the newest arrangement for Apparitions. His bandmates were great. I liked the details of the guitars and drum patterns (i.e. that sounded like clapping). There was bit of stage banter too. He shared the notion of moving to Palm Springs and just playing the lounge/hotel bar circuit and it was hilarious as the band would do a lil' riff and Matt would kind of scat over it. He said if it works for someone like Michael Buble and not his method of writing his own material than that's where the money is. The band also played some filler as Matt walked over to get his beer; he said there should be something to pass the time when he walked the 14 feet. Then when he was out of beer, someone offstage walked on with a towel draped over his arm to give him a new cup. Some kind jumped on stage too and got escorted out after he had some time to walk around. Just wished he played at least one some on acoustic guitar but then again it was amazing to have two encores. I hope he enjoys a rest at home. Great show. Vancouver June 26th setlist: Champions Single Explosion Odette Born Losers Devil's Avalanche Load Me Up Put Out Your Lights Blue Skies Black Helicopter I'm a Window 99% Apparitions Weapon ______________________________ Giant Timebomb Automatic She's In It For the $ ______________________________ Alert Status Red Girl in the War
  2. thanks for answering my question. I think I'll bring my camera and just see what happens when others take pictures at the start of the show.
  3. hey, what's the camera policy so far on the tour? The ticket says "no cameras/recorders" but is that applying to just the high level SLR cameras or including personal digital cameras too? thanks.
  4. I'd love a concert DVD/CD combo or at least a live CD and a bonus downloadable podcast of a certain show. I'm still crossing my fingers one day, Matt can play with the VSO.
  5. skysosmrt

    Guitar Hero

    I'd love it if there was North American for Life, Everything is Automatic and Weapon. Also, even though it's a cover but Enjoy the Silence
  6. any idea as to why Matt's done two encores on some nights and only one on others? I hope he'll wear the "No Rico" shirt again. And that's great that some older songs like "Strange Days" have been popping up in the set. I'd still love to hear "Prime Time Deliverance", "Weapon", "Truffle Pigs" or "The Fine Art of Falling Apart" again. very much looking forward to the Vancouver show.
  7. Thanks Monochrome Rainbow. that's very nice of you to have offered had I made the request earlier. well, I don't know anyone living out of the greater Vancouver area who hasn't already been to a show. Sadly, my friends who enjoy Matt's music are limited to a few.
  8. I was looking for a tour gift for my friend for her birthday but couldn't make it to the Vancouver show. Ideally I was looking for a Vancouver date tour poster and bought one off of ebay.ca this week from "ruffknights" for his "in a coma" show but when I got it in the mail,it looked like the font was scanned, cut and paste onto the background with extra colour marks outside of the letters. very disappointed with that. And I saw that Maple Music doesn't have any current tour merch on their website. does anyone know how else I can get a tour poster or shirt? thanks
  9. Any chance you could upload them again on yousendit? I missed it. Thanks
  10. my vote is for either: A Single Explosion ("I can't write love songs" would be a great line to hear on the radio and I think it can crossover a few different radio formats) 99% Of Us is Failure (one of my faves but I'm not sure I can imagine it on the radio. I'd love to hear the kids' cheer and chimes) I'm a Window kind of reminds me of Little Terror.
  11. so what's being done in terms of promoting "Hospital Music"? anyone settig ad web banners or old skool street stencils? stickers even? I'd love it if we could get vinyl cut stickers for our car's windshields that say "CISUM LATIPSOH" just like ambulances. that would rock.
  12. okay so I just heard on CFOX that the Vancouver show is set for September 20th at The Centre for Performing Arts. Definetely a bigger venue than the ones at the VCC. The Centre has wonderful acoustics though when I caught Damien Rice there last. Question is, what are the chances that this will sell out and Matt will set another date or will he also book a smaller solo acoustic set somewhere else? I'm wondering as Sept 20th happens to be right smack dab in the middle of the week that I'll be out of the country ;)
  13. have you seen the trailer for the movie? I'm stoked to see it because a) it's a musical b) it features all Beatles songs c) the visuals in the trailer look intriguing. not seen The Bee Gees "Sgt. Peppers" movie and the soundtrack for "I Am Sam" did they get permission to use the songs so here's hoping it'll be really good.
  14. i'm more standoffish on a movie sequel if the original director/producers aren't on board which is the case for 28 Weeks Later. I loved 28 Days Later so I won't be seeing the sequal to spoil that but would love to hear other people's reviews on it.
  15. is anyone going to see her at Deer Lake? I'll be going with friends and expecting the unexpected.
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