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  1. Thanks for that. I like to keep track of these ;)
  2. Ya 2, stellar, acoustics are enough for now. "I wanna rock..."
  3. Woohoo and I have some mushrooms...hooray lol
  4. I'm a little late to this thread as I haven't been on in a while, but I am one of the few Hedley defenders on here lol. While I do agree most of their album & post-album songs aren't that out of the ordinary, there are a few good tunes here and there. They did decent covers of Rage's Bulls On Parade (with an original solo that sounded awesome) and Killing In The Name. The teenybopper crowd is shitty at concerts, but if you hit a 19+ show or at least one with an adult (re: drinking) section it's a decent time. Like most bands, their early indie/demo days (then known as "hedley." and bef
  5. If anyone has the audio for this can you PM me please? Either a link or I'll give you my email/MSN address. Thanks in advance!
  6. Is the extended version similar to the one Matt posted on Aug. 12? Something to do with: "You know it's true, there's nothing I can do about you" Can someone email me a copy please? hoverball (at) hotmail (dot) com
  7. Collections: - buttons - keychains - cards - hockey, marvel, tmnt, dick tracy, baseball, and tons of others - seashells (discontinued) - Lego - Tons of it. The best was I once got the whole ice men set...I felt like a king! - Movies - VHS then DVD. I have over 900 different titles so far. - Figurines - Soapstone/resin/crystal animals and things - Stuffed animals - 4 boxes from when I was a kid. ET, Care Bears, Pound Puppy, Cabbage Patch kid, Spot, Popples, etc... - Balls - Bouncy, Tennis, Stress, squash, Baseball, etc... - Videogames - Nintendo (NES), Sega Master System, SNES, Gen
  8. I agree with OTP, tanlines are the shit! Nothing hotter on a woman. As for not wanting them, try a tube top, but tie it up so you only cover the stuff you never show in other clothes. Not sure if a strpless would work with D, but I've seen it work on a C.
  9. I refuse to believe that about a song that rhymes "Tied up" with "Cried up" It's 'you've cried out' btw. And it goes with the meaning behind the song. You can easily skip over the lyrics and think it's just another song. And after I posted that, I realized I would sum it up to one of the best songs of this decade (2000+). That way some of you won't be insulted that much, 'cause even I'll admit that there's much better stuff out there.
  10. Tripping up the stairs goes hand in hand with stubbing toes. I do that almost daily.
  11. I know I'm gonna get a lot of jokes on this one, but... (0ld) Hedley - Saturday The lyrics, the music, the flow and the meaning behind it are too powerful not to be one of the best ever. Don't knock it 'til you've heard it. And this isn't the album version. If anyone really wants to hear it, PM me.
  12. I bought so many sweatshirts and other items of clothes for $5 each at Bluenotes/Thrifty's/whatever over the years. It's all about the sale rack baby...
  13. Well let's start with commuter transit today since I have a 'greeeaaat' experience with that one: 1) When you're on the TTC or GO, do not stand over someone sitting down and scarf down several muffins while dropping tons of crumbs on the person sitting. And when you see that person brushing the crumbs off their shoulders, legs, seat, etc... that is a clear sign not to shove another muffin down your throat. 2) Just because the train is loud, doesn't mean you have to scream at the top of your lungs for the person across from you to hear you. Instead the whole train can hear your crappy life
  14. Hoverball


    Ya I saw about that girl beiong the one, but there's no way you saw what happened to her coming. That's what I meant by a shock.
  15. I heard a rumour that the Leafs are interested in Roloson and he wants to come here. There ma possibly be a Belfour-Roloson trade coming down the pipes...I'm not sure if I should be excited about this, but I would feel sorry for Edmonton if it happened. As long as the Leafs ditch Belfour and Domi I'll be happy. Oh and they gotta finish the McCabe deal.
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