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    Mine is the Ghostbusters theme. It was going to be Fraggle Rock but then I heard like about 4 people with that one so i was like "fuck the Fraggles" and that was that.
  2. I didn't know those things had a name...interesting. Anyway, they fucking suck ass. They won't stay in my ears ;)
  3. what the fuck is an earbud?
  4. Imaginary Friends generally come in the form of people that aren't really there, not just you having tea parties with your toys.
  5. Oh Jesus. I'm officially quitting this board.
  6. Mine was called George. He used to call me on the phone and leave me tootsie rolls around the house. As it turns out it was my uncle fucking with my head the whole time...at least I got candy out of it. ;)
  7. Why? Nothing happened.
  8. Did the show actually "end" or just stop? I don't remember an ending...do Fry and Leela hook up or what? ;)
  9. BBQ

    For Jerks

    Interesting. I suppose rather than a warning for "being a bitch to everyone" I should be getting more NF$, right? Or is it a woman-hating thing...you know, the guys can be rude, nasty jerks all the time but a female does the same thing and she's a mouthy "bitch." Message boards represent the worst in humanity. ;)
  10. Tea is basically the best drink you can get after red wine. It's such a shame they're both really bad for staining your teeth. Meh.
  11. is that poetry? Because it's beautiful...
  12. BBQ

    I'm Bored.

    <3 (no "blush" smiley? WTF?)
  13. Clint12345678123456781234567812345678123456781234567812345678OKAAAAAY.
  14. BBQ

    I'm Bored.

    That wuz mean. i think you need a warning!!
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