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  1. The album is fantastic. Possibly my favourite since Avalanche.
  2. What, no iDEAD jokes? For shame, The Bored, for shame.
  3. 0/10 even though I enjoy the show. Only because you rated TMZ 10/10 and therefore nullified any statement you make on anything ever. Game of Thrones
  4. No, being agnostic means you don't believe either way. Essentially apathy of faith.
  5. I was raised in an Independant Christian Church in a small town. I consider myself lucky that I am a rational person at this point and not a Bible-thumping intolerant. As a child I began to question faith and the church because even at the young age of 12 I could see the idiocy of their hypocrisy. Churches are full of smiley glad hands and two-faced liars with a multitude of fools tossed in for good measure. It's those r-tards that fuck it up for the deity. Now as an adult I've realised that God and Church are two very different entities. I "believe" in evolution because it's scientific-fucking-fact but I also believe that there might have been some sort of entity guiding that along. God, if you will. I think that this is because I have a rational mind that has been able to accept science as being not witchcraft but at the same time the early years of indoctrination that God created us in his image because he likes to rock a bitching beard and needed some people to check that shit out. That or it's a cop-out and I'm too lazy to make up my mind. Whether or not there's a God isn't something that I usually put thought into unless I've just smoked some really good stuff, this being one of the rare exceptions. In summation; yeah, I think there's probably some sort of deity-being out there but I don't think it looks down on us in any sort of maternal or paternal way.
  6. Recently finished Red Dead Redemption and now I'm onto Fallout: New Vegas. Second play through, shooting for the Hardcore mode achievement. I don't know why I didn't play it through on Hardcore the first time through, 'cos it's a ton more fun.
  7. Non-Populous - Matthew Good. First real listen to the album since it first came out and as usual I'm liking a Matthew Good album much more after time has gone on.
  8. I'm convinced that my first kiss was to shut me up. I was all nervous and buffony and wouldn't shut my yap, then there were lips on my lips and I was all "double-ewe-tee-eff?" Sadly there are no mulligans for one's first first base.
  9. The last scene of the season finale proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm a nerd because I was more excited by the dragons on Daenerys' naked body than by her naked body.
  10. I'm digging Lights. What If I Can't See The Stars, Mildred? might be my favourite post-Avalanche song.
  11. The Bored is certainly lacking in the Dans these days. It appears as if the general sentiment of getting burned out on Matthew Good applies to me as well. I tend to buy the album the day it comes out, listen the shit out of it for a week or two, then kinda forget about it. The only albums I listen still are Beautiful Midnight and Avalanche.
  12. Well my ears feel sufficiently violated.
  13. The Hurt Locker. Jeremy Renner's performance in this flick is fantastic. Not an action flick by any means, but a great war drama that tells a human story instead of trying to pound your face in with political statements.
  14. I watched this show once and basically, Steven Seagal stood around with a clueless look on his face, his deputies did everything and once the perp was in custody, he'd have a little chat with them; Dog The Bounty Hunter style (minus Jesus). If I remembered when it was one, I'd probably watch it more.
  15. I was the only one in the theater that laughed at that.
  16. Smoke more, drink more, fuck more.
  17. I remember when I used to post here. Those were good times.
  18. Zombieland. The most fun I've had at a movie in a long time.
  19. Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D Not as funny as I expected but entertaining nonetheless. First flick I've seen in 3D so that was a nice treat.
  20. Does Carson Daly have cancer? 'Cos that fucker's been looking a little Swayze under the eyes.
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